Where to put user documentation?


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Where to put user documentation?

Postby IBBoard at 25 Jul 2011, 20:16

A quick question for the community: Where would you expect to find the user documentation? (Not the developer documentation).

My intention had been that warfoundry.co.uk would be the main user site, with dev.ibboard.co.uk supporting the developer side. After this comment, I realised that we could do with some more user documentation (even if I feel it should be fairly intuitive to use!). I've just gone to add it and while I could put it in the dev site wiki, I wondered where users would expect to find it. Also, I think we'll need it adding to the nav, possibly replacing something, as it doesn't obviously fit under any of the existing categories to my mind.

As an aside, if anyone wants to document anything (how to use the tool, including screencast examples) then feel free - I'll gladly host them :)
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