WarFoundry v0.1 RC1 (GTK) released - we're nearly there!


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WarFoundry v0.1 RC1 (GTK) released - we're nearly there!

Postby IBBoard at 16 Jan 2011, 20:58

It has been slightly delayed compared to the WinForms UI, but WarFoundry GTK v0.1 RC1 is now available on the download page.

As per usual, we need testers. If you don't use Linux then please see if any of your friends do, or if anyone on your other forums uses it. The back-end is the common API, so it should have been tested, but we need the UI testing as well. Any bugs should go in the bug tracker and any discussion about the development version should go in the other forum. Suggestions for new features can go in this forum.

We shall soon "Cry Havoc" on Linux as well!

Out now: Dawn of War Texture/Skin Downloads
At v0.1: WarFoundry (open source, cross-platform, multi-system army creation application)