Mono 2.8 Public Preview


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Mono 2.8 Public Preview

Postby HeWhoWatches at 17 Sep 2010, 10:07

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[Mono-dev] Mono 2.8 Public Preview
Andrew Jorgensen ajorgensen at
Sat Sep 11 12:30:09 EDT 2010


Yesterday we published the first public preview[0] of Mono 2.8. This release contains many improvements and new features. Please refer to the draft release notes[1] for details. Linux builds include SGen[2] and LLVM[3] either or both of which can be enabled at runtime.


If you find a bug please report it:

Packagers for distributions like Fedora are strongly encouraged to have a look at the mono-core.spec file[4] as there are a large number of new assemblies and we have rearranged a few packages to break cyclical dependencies etc..


The Mono Project is very much alive and a lot of work has gone into this release. We are positioning 2.8 as a sort of early version of what will eventually become Mono 3.0. The next release after 2.8 will be 2.8.2 which will be branched from Git master. This means that we will not be maintaining the mono-2-8 branch (except possibly for security fixes). We will continue in this fashion until 3.0 to allow developers to stay focused on their work and not maintain multiple branches.

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Re: Mono 2.8 Public Preview

Postby IBBoard at 17 Sep 2010, 18:13

I'll give it a look and see if there is anything useful, but I'm trying to avoid a dependency on anything too modern. I've released previous Windows-focused tools that needed .Net 1.1 and even though .Net 2 was part of one of the WinXP SPs, I got lots of complaints about why was I using .Net and the need for an extra install. Now we're targeting .Net 2 to use Generics, which means we miss out on LINQ and lambda functions, but means that we're more compatible for older machines.
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