Required split from default


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Required split from default

Postby snowblizz at 10 Jul 2010, 13:22

I'm gonna make new topic about this because I know you like to split threads.

As I noted in ticket 295 I think we may need to make a distinct default and required items.

Required should be things that are simply not upgradable in any way.

Default would be preselected but replaceable items.

Maybe it would help with disabling buttons as well, a required item would deactivate add/remove/edit.
Or maybe you have an easy way to handle it anyway.

If possible the default would be the fallback category. Say I have 10 spacemarines with default of 10 bolters if I add a heavy and special weapon hen they should only have 8 bolters. Would be convenient if the program could recognize that and modify it was needed. You-know-who works that way.

I'm betting there's loads of complications stemming from that though...

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Re: Required split from default

Postby IBBoard at 08 Aug 2010, 13:18

I thought I'd replied to this at least once! Oh well, I'll do it now.

I can see what you mean (it eventually became ticket 298), but the idea of the "required" was that it wasn't absolutely required, but that it or its replacements had to be taken. I guess that the equipment slot limits could probably handle that by setting a minimum limit, so we might be able to almost completely replace "required" with equipment slots. The place where it would still be useful is if you just want to say "has to be taken" without adding slots (e.g. a sword has to be taken for a unit of Swordsmen and can't be replaced).

What we'd probably need is fall-back behaviour: defaults would be taken for a new unit and so would any equipment that was also tagged "required", with only one type being taken if there were multiple items that clashed that were required (the current behaviour, as best I can explain it at the moment).
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