Skin/texture change for Chaos Marines' banner on Dark Crusad


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Skin/texture change for Chaos Marines' banner on Dark Crusad

Postby SkyCaptain37 at 27 Jan 2007, 17:20

hey I noticed that the banner for the Chaos marines on my game makes the image appear backwards, i looked at the other races and its only the chaos that are doing this, is there anyway to fix it? This is for Dark Crusade, any help would be much apprieciated, thanks

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RE: Skin/texture change for Chaos Marines' banner on Dark Crusad

Postby IBBoard at 27 Jan 2007, 18:03

I'll move this to DoW Skinning once I'm done, since this is a skinning question.

The short answer is "no, there's nothing you can do". Relic have had that bug in the game since the start (first release of vanilla DoW), so it's doubtful it'll be fixed. The banners on Aspiring Champions are backwards, but if you look then they're fine on Chaos Strat Points. That means you either keep the image normal and it shows fine on strat points but backwards for champions, or visa versa. If Relic fix the banners on the Champions then anyone who has flipped their banners to show correctly on Champions would then have them showing backwards everywhere.

The longer version is "yes, you could extract the banner model, re-texture it so that the texture is the right way around on the front side instead of the back, re-animate and re-export it, but it'd then only work for you and if you had your banners the right way around then anyone else would still see them backwards."

If you look carefully then all of Relic's banners are drawn the right way around but come out backwards (see the Alpha Legion). Quite how it got past QA I don't know.

The simplest solution is to not use something that has obvious left-right directionality. The next simplest is to choose either strat points or champion banners where you want it to look right and then flip it horizontally if you want it to look right on champions.
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