Soulstorm Mod Manager


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Soulstorm Mod Manager

Postby NBKFuzzy at 01 Jun 2009, 00:32

I dont know if this is the right place to post this, if not move it please!

I know there is a mod manager for soulstorm, and since my hardrive wipe I have gotten mods to work. I want to combine the inquisition with the nids' and I cant find the SS mod manager to download, the link to it on filefront seems to not work. Any help appreciated!

Also I cannot get get the Inquisiton Demonhunt mod to work for soulstorm. The only download I can find is here: ... _Mod;92539

And it has no .exe folder which it claims to have. Reading comments everybody says "omg stop bein sucha nub u just extract to teh root". So I extracted it, still not in the Game Manager. I extracted them individually, still no luck.
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Re: Soulstorm Mod Manager

Postby IBBoard at 01 Jun 2009, 18:21

It won't generally let you play online, but you can do the job of the Mod Manager yourself if it just combines mods. I'll see if I can dig out information later, but basically you just create a new .module file that inherits from the mods you want to combine and then pick it from the Game Manager in-game.

As for the Inquisition: Daemonhunters mod, I've not tried it and at over 200MB it isn't something for me to just download and test quickly. Maybe someone else has some ideas or has used it.
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