can i make a request?


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can i make a request?

Postby 40kBloodRaven at 12 Mar 2009, 18:16

i recently bought a space marine veterans pack from GW store. I noticed the very detailed shoulder pads they had. I also saw Rhedd's remake of the Force Commander and i truly appreciated the improved gold textures.I then got a crazy idea. Is it possible to give those nice gold shoulder pads to a tactical mariens squad? it probably is but im a total noob at making new textures (or in fact modifying them). is there anyone out there who will be interested to make and upload this file to skins hwt? :D

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Re: can i make a request?

Postby IBBoard at 12 Mar 2009, 19:23

AFAIK the Force Commander shoulder pads are modelled slightly as well as having a fancy texture. If that's the case then you could try to make something similar for the Tactical Marines, but it wouldn't be exactly the same without the modelling. Altering the model is far more effort than a simple (or even a complex) retexture as it involves decompiling the model, editing it, re-exporting it, re-matching the animations and re-making it.

Someone might be able to have a go at putting just the texture on the Tactical Marine, but I've been a bit busy recently.
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