Commissar reskin (and a question)


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Commissar reskin (and a question)

Postby Romm-boss at 02 Jun 2008, 21:03

IG deserves some attention, too. Especially with their ugly, ugly Commissars who need some serious facelifting and a new uniform ^^

You can download it here:

The question is, some parts of this skin are based upon textures from Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Max Payne (though heavily modified). How does this go with file submission rules, provided I mention the sources?

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Re: Commissar reskin (and a question)

Postby IBBoard at 03 Jun 2008, 16:24

It depends what kind of "based on" you've used. If they're just inspiration then that's fine, since Wolfenstein and (I assume) Max Payne are just a general "German Military" appearance. I can't see anything on the texture that looks like it has obviously been taken from another mythology, so if it is just inspiration it should all be fine with regards "intellectual property" and copyright.

I like what you've done with the texture. He looks stern and imposing, just like a Commissar should :)
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