Iron Snakes texture


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Iron Snakes texture

Postby Priad23 at 30 Oct 2007, 20:41

Hey, I just recently read the book Brothers of the Snake by Dan Abnett, and after reading it I'd be really cool to have an Iron Snakes paint scheme for DoW, and I haven't been able to find one anywhere yet, so I was wondering if anyone wants to/will post an army scheme for the Iron Snakes. Don't even really need a whole scheme, the blue, double-looped snake symbol is all, the rest of the color scheme can be done in the normal DoW painter.

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RE: Iron Snakes texture

Postby IBBoard at 31 Oct 2007, 11:34

This isn't a suggestion, it's a request. Suggestions are things to improve the way the site works. Since it is a colour scheme request then I'll put it in the DoW skinning forum, although it's not skinning so Sideline Games may have been suitable as well.

As for the badge and banner, Hangar-8 already has a very good quality one (as per usual) in his Space Marines B&B section. His sets normally include colour schemes as well.

The page also turns up as the third result (second site) for Google: dawn of war iron snakes
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