Is there an interest in fluffy skins?


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Is there an interest in fluffy skins?

Postby Bobahat at 16 Dec 2013, 15:23

Hi all,

Years back, I submitted a full re-skin of the Ork race for DoW (including WA and DA), called 'BobaHat's Fluffy orks:

I have also made fluffy re-skins of the Space Marine, Eldar, Imperial Guard and Chaos races, that follow the official colouring of the GW fluff (such as Eldar Aspect Warriors being non-teamcolourable, IG Techpriests wearing red etc.) and also fix some of the annoying colouring of the vanilla DoW skins (such as skulls being Trim colour or teamcolourable eyes).

Is there still interest for such things in this community? If yes, I will submit them to the site.


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Re: Is there an interest in fluffy skins?

Postby IBBoard at 21 Dec 2013, 20:57

Sorry for the delay - I've had computer trouble, decorating jobs and Christmas prep, so I've been fairly computer-less!

Even if there isn't much vocal interest, I'll happily host them :) I think there were already a few touch-ups of some of the skins (Aspect Warriors jump to mind) that tried to be closer to the fluff, but I'm sure everyone has their own slightly different take :)
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