Lego Astartes Prototype


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Lego Astartes Prototype

Postby legofreak at 02 May 2007, 00:31

just a sneak peek at a current project.

I have made a helm, shoulder plates, and a chest plate that are in the process of being cast to make a mold. In the meantime I am using a different type of armor from another friend of mine. Unfortunately the jumppack can't really be cast, so its a one time deal... (and yes its modeled on a different fig, I am moving and for some reason the fig ended up in one location and the backpack in another.)

I am going to keep the bolter and the chainsword though.. I really like the way they turned out. :wink:

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RE: Lego Astartes Prototype

Postby IBBoard at 06 May 2007, 17:25

Interesting :D He definitely needs some form of backpack to be a Marine rather than looking a bit more like a Guardsman though.

The bolt pistol's a good recreation. Is the power sword based on the old Lego Ice Planet chainsaws?

The jump-pack looks interesting as well, although compared to the newer design it looks a touch too long. Does it look too top-heavy if you made it shorter? (if you can and it's not just a constraint of the size of the piece)

It's amazing what you can do with a bit of Lego and a crazed imagination :D
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