Alternatives to GW tools


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Alternatives to GW tools

Postby IBBoard at 14 Apr 2007, 17:27

Now that I'm living in Hereford our closest Games Workshop store is either Worcester or Gloucester. I've not bought in a store for a while anyway, so it doesn't make much difference, but it's always nice to have an official store.

Instead we have a model shop that stocks all the normal stuff (trains, Scalectrix, tank kits, various wood, metal, plastic, etc) and a great range of modelling tools. The tools are almost all Expo brand tools, and they look good. I've just picked up ten (yes ten!) modelling files in a little wallet with some oil-like lubricant for £5. GW charge £5 for three! To see the set I got, go to the Expo website, click "Hand Tools" on the left, scroll down to files and look at PDF number 58 (which is assumedly page 58 in their paper catalogue).

I've yet to use them, but there's a better variety of shapes than GW provide, and they're about the same quality. The plastic/rubber handles seem like they should be an improvement as well.

I'll try to add this little extra to the "GW on a budget" article at some point soon. I'd definitely recommend finding your local Expo stockist (or any similar brand) rather than buying the GW ones :)
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Re: Alternatives to GW tools

Postby DieterHellsghewer at 24 Feb 2008, 00:21

definitly.GW brushes and other tools are often not worth it. I don't think i own a single bit of GW tool. My clamps came from EXacto and craftsman.Testors glue works well. I use tamiya model epxy not green stuf. ect. its saved me a fair ammont of money. There are even some ways around the paint. Modelmaster makes some good paints. but be carefull some of them WILL melt resin. i usually test the paint on etched sprue. ie i put some etches into the prue with my EXacto knife and paint it. just as a test. Razor wire is easily made by twisting long strands of picture hanging wire. stuff like that.