Daley Rowney paints


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Daley Rowney paints

Postby batty at 19 Feb 2007, 21:25

Hey everyone,

whilst I was out today, I noticed Daley Rowney paints seem to be around everywhere and (relatively) cheap. :)

I'm thinking of getting a tub of their white and black colours for undercoating, has anyone had any experience with them?

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RE: Daley Rowney paints

Postby IBBoard at 20 Feb 2007, 13:04

I'm not sure how they'd do for model painting, as most of their paints that I know of are water colours or oils. It might work, but you might be as well looking at the Humbrol and equivalents in the modelling areas rather than standard art supplies.

If you do go for it, give us your reports and if it's positive then I'll add it to the 'GW on a budget' article as an alternative for undercoat :)
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