Golden Demon 2010 winners


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Golden Demon 2010 winners

Postby IBBoard at 04 Oct 2010, 18:36

GW have put the winners up on their site. The winners are in a gallery and there's a Slayer Sword page.

My personal favourites are:

  • Silver and Gold in WH Single Miniatures (the style of the models and the paint quality is just fantastic and fitting)
  • Silver and Gold in the Youngbloods (for under-14s then they're great quality with smooth highlights)
  • Open competition Gold (Space Hulk is great for imagery, and the detail in the background just makes it look so realistic - possibly in a style that reminds me of some of the great 90s dioramas by Mike McVey)
  • Open competition Silver (I'm not as blown away by the painting, but I do like the setup and the context that it puts in - a Skaven assassin on what could be a Mordheim pub roof)
  • 40K Monster Silver winner (I'm not sure about the colours, but the idea and the conversion are great - I'd be scared of an ork in that situation!)
  • Gold Duel (The positioning is great - someone saw an odd combination of parts that works well, although you can't see the Skaven face too well in the photos)
TBH I'm not so impressed by the large scale models. The Bronze model looks a bit too much like one of those pre-painted figurines - a bit flat and plasticy without the depth and style you normally get in a GW figure. The Silver model has gone a bit overboard on the blade and (as with a recent WD cover) the head looks a bit funny. The Gold model looks like he's a little nuts, has broken his neck and has a bit of a limp so that he has to drag his right leg :\

So, what do other people think? Anything you disagree with? Or any other favourites?
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