Warhammer model set


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Warhammer model set

Postby J_4mes at 29 Nov 2009, 01:34

Im currently looking to sell a spacemarine army plus bits and bobs (Eldar & IG items included in slideshow) But would not know what the price range would be for them, would you look and give any possible advice on what you should think I should charge?

many thanks

http://s855.photobucket.com/albums/ab11 ... =slideshow

^Link corrected
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Re: Warhammer model set

Postby IBBoard at 29 Nov 2009, 11:52

eBay is probably your best source of guide prices. How much you can sell things for depends on the age of the model, the size of the collection (large collections cost a lot more to post, which might put people off) and the quality of the paint job. 2nd hand models don't tend to make amazing prices unless they're very rare, fantastically painted or unpainted/unassembled.
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