Getting back in to painting


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Getting back in to painting

Postby IBBoard at 23 Mar 2009, 19:30

I've finally decided to get back in to painting my collection. Before I left University in Manchester I planned a 1500pt army, a 2000pt army and some anti-armour modifications to the armies, then bought it all from the Oracle store online (who gave one of the best discounts in our Games Workshop on a budget article at one point, but have since closed).

Unfortunately I now live near Worcester, but not close enough to go in to the store, and there isn't a single gaming club in the Worcestershire county so I can't game. It has been a couple of years since I even painted, though, so I decided to get back in to the habit.

So far, in a two hour session and two one hour sessions, I have painted up a Kannon and its two grot krew as well as touching up the other two Kannons. This weekend I've managed to get my Warboss conversion done (just a simple half-arm swap) and get a load of models assembled and undercoated. I've still got a load of Storm Boyz and Sluggas to assemble (30+ I think) but I'm getting there :)
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