Changing chapter colors, I need help and advice


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Changing chapter colors, I need help and advice

Postby wonerboy39 at 07 Jun 2008, 00:30

Ok I need some help, I have been painting my own original space marine chapter for some time now, the colors are very dark red and gold trim. But, now I am beginning to have a change of heart and wish to turn my chapter into a black templars force. Should I keep the colors I have been working with or change them to black templars?

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Re: Changing chapter colors, I need help and advice

Postby IBBoard at 08 Jun 2008, 19:22

Firstly, I've deleted your other post at the end of another topic as it was a duplicate of this and was off-topic for that thread.

Secondly, check your PMs.

Thirdly, on with the topic...

Repainting plastics is difficult, as you can very easily lose detail and the majority of paint strippers melt plastics. TGSC's models looked okay after he repainted them (the ones in the topic you posted to), but if you looked at them then they were definitely not as crisp with detail as they originally had been.

As for whether you should change them, that's your decision. Personally, I prefer to go for a custom force as it is more individual and means it is your project. Going for one of the named chapters (or whatever is applicable for the race) doesn't seem as interesting because someone else has written the background, the colour schemes and the constraints.

If you like your colour scheme but want the Templars style of fighting then what you could always do is either keep your army as an alternate Templars colour scheme, using the Codex with your scheme, or make your own Templar themed army that is based on the Templars idea and core rules, but which has its own changes. The latter won't be permissible in tournaments, but would be more personal if you have a group of friends who you play with who would let you use it. If you are in a game where you can't use your personal codex variant then you can just fall back to the original Templars rules.
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