Games Workshop to end some paint colours...that they use!


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Games Workshop to end some paint colours...that they use!

Postby IBBoard at 20 Apr 2008, 18:46

I just got my subscription issue of White Dwarf (UK #341) and noticed while flicking through it that some paints in the paint chart were listed as "Limited stock". A quick scan of the blurb above it and apparently GW are removing some of their colours after reviewing the paint range before releasing a new set of washes.

The colours that will be removed are:

  • Bad Moon Yellow (I never noticed too much difference to Sunburst)
  • Bronzed Flesh (see below)
  • Fiery Orange
  • Terracotta
  • Tanned Flesh
  • Tentacle Pink (goodbye to one of the useful Daemon colours, and see below)
  • Midnight Blue (I'm sure it was always a useful purple-blue)
  • Scaly Green (many Lizardmen generals will struggle with a colour for their Saurus Warriors)
  • Brazen Brass (I don't know if many people actually ever used it - brass seems an odd colour for models)

If you rely on any of these colours then there are two alternatives: 1) buy up a supply before GW or your local stockist run out or 2) check out the Coat d'Arms conversion chart and buy some larger old-school pots from Games Workshop's previous paint supplier.

There's even added irony to the removal of the paints. The article just before the paint list is about painting Count Mannfred. Included in that are sections about:
  • painting his flesh (starting with a 3:1 mix of Bronzed Flesh and Scorched Brown)
  • highlights of pure Tentacle Pink on his cloak
  • Scaly Green used to build up the glow on the Nightmar's eye
  • Scaly Green is also used as a glaze over the black armour to temper the highlights

Someone obviously didn't coordinate between the decision on the paint and the article about painting Mannfred! When they already sometimes recommend three paint mixes at times, it makes me wonder what affect it will have on the instructions and tips after they remove certain colours.
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