Fenrisian Wolves for Thunderwolf Cavalry?


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Fenrisian Wolves for Thunderwolf Cavalry?

Postby Herp-to-the-Derp at 01 Aug 2012, 20:23

I've been working on a lot of Space Wolf conversions lately - mainly due to the great selection of bits you get on their sprues - and pondered how I could make Thunderwolf Cavalry.

Basically I'm wondering, can Fenrisian Wolves be used as the steed component of Thunderwolf cavalry? I see that the former comes on 40mm bases which indicates to me that they're about the same size?

Making the mounts is easy enough but for obvious reasons i'd like them to be in proportion to their rides, and to the actual Thunderwolf models.

(Also, I know the Codex states that wolves come in many sizes so I expect a difference; i'm just hoping it's not too vast).

Thanks for the help/input!

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Re: Fenrisian Wolves for Thunderwolf Cavalry?

Postby IBBoard at 02 Aug 2012, 19:01

According to the GW website, the Thunderwolf Cavalry have 60mm bases (but look reasonably size for them) and the Fenrisian Wolves have 40mm bases (but look a bit too big on them).

It might work, but I think your biggest issue would be that the Fenrisian Wolves aren't designed to be mounts, and so you wouldn't get the curves in their back and flanks that are designed for the rider's legs to fit in. There might be some that would work anyway, and it would depend on how extensive a conversion you wanted to do and how good you are, but it is something to take into consideration.

If you can then I think the best option would be to go into a GW store and see the models side-by-side (being an "army of the moment" then they're likely to have one of the staffers who has at least a unit, if not a whole army) and see how the wolves compare in size to the existing mounts.
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