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Newbie FAQ

Postby IBBoard at 13 Apr 2006, 08:47

I've just put in a minor modification that makes the idea of a dedicated Newbie FAQ in this forum more useful. I'll add more Q and As as they're needed.

Q. Where do I post?

A. That depends on the content of your post. Each category has a specific topic. Check which is the most appropriate to the content you're going to post and post it there.
As a rough guide:
  • Games Workshop
    • Main Games - Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and Games workshop
    • Sideline Games - All computer games and more minor games (including general Dawn of War discussion and Specialist Games)
    • Dawn of War Skinning, Graphics and Tools - anything related to modding Dawn of War, from full mods down to badges and banners
    • Painting and Modelling - Tips, examples and discussion from members
    • Artwork - Artwork from members
    • Fiction - the place to post fanfiction before it gets transferred to the main FanFiction archive
  • WarFoundry
    • WarFoundry Chat - General discussion about the WarFoundry cross-platform, open-source army creation application
  • General
    • General Chat - the last choice for posting anything that doesn't fit elsewhere
    • Newbie Cadet Outpost - a special forum for welcomes, FAQs and forum help for new members
    • Suggestions, News and Updates - announcements on site and forum changes, plus a place to post suggestions for improvements

Q. Why can't I enter a website or signature?

A. We currently have a Modification installed that doesn't allow signatures or websites until a user has made ten posts. This is to spam-proof the website and stop any bots from registering with a website or signature that links to a spam website. Once you've contributed ten posts, you'll be able to add a signature and website address, if you have one.
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