Old player returns.


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Old player returns.

Postby sixthbrick at 03 Jul 2011, 19:51

hello all, iam very new to the site (today infact). i use to play many years ago, i stoped playing when they brought out the new eldar (yep that old) . and i have a real itch to play again. but i feel like everything i know about warhammer has slowly slipped out as i cant remember anything!.

after looking at the armies, i really dont know where to start, 40k or fantasy?. i used to play blood angles
so if i went 40k i was thinking of rolling space wolfs for a little differnce while still being marines.
if i went fantasy (never played by the way) was thinking skaven? or lizardmen? just on looks as i have no idea how they play.

so i guess i would like a little help really, if anyone has a little time to give advice and maby some gamer tips or if anyone really wants to help and old dog learn some new tricks. chat maby play at some point,

well if anyone wants to chat and give advice would llove any reply :)

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Re: Old player returns.

Postby snowblizz at 03 Jul 2011, 21:18

Well, welcome.

You ask for a lot... :P But first as for the main system, I guess the thing to look out for really is what people around you play. Because it's no good rolling up with WHFB and find people are 40kers or vise versa. Even worse, maybe GW games have little local following. The hobby is bleeding players quite badly right now. More bad blood than I've seen in years.

All the armies you mention are pretty good. Space Wolfs, Lizardmen and Skaven are fairly new and work well in their respective rulesets. The one thing to look out for is that rumour has it a new edition of 40k is out next year (already!!!) as such WHFB is "safer" as the rules are barely a year old. As a new player your attachment to what was would be less of a problem than it is for some of us greybeards.

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Re: Old player returns.

Postby IBBoard at 05 Jul 2011, 18:44

If you've got a local GW store then I'd drop in there and get a demo game of WH and 40K as well. I started with WH (4th Ed, I think) then picked up 40K at the end of 2nd Ed, just as 3rd Ed was being released. I've not played WH after 6th Ed (not even sure I played any 6th Ed, actually!), but I prefer the squad-based combat over the units. To be fair, it could be that I picked the wrong army (started with High Elves, now collecting Orks) and I've not played 40K after 4th Ed, but that's my general game system preference.

As for races, it depends how you want to collect the army. Some people collect for the models and the painting, some people like the background, and some play for the strategy style. The latter two should be interwoven (background influences available units and equipment, which influences the strategies you can play) but they are still a bit distinct. Now I've got my Orks then I like the "mob them and sod the casualties" style of play - less pressure and I can still claim victory after major losses (cos da rest of da boyz will get ya!).

TBH, I'm not surprised that GW has a new version of 40K coming out soon. It is the one thing that GW lacks - long term consistency. I guess they have to do it to keep the crazy-keen hobbyists interested (those who play and play and play and...), but for the occasional gamer then you quickly get out of date.
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