Read a sample of Relic before it gets published!


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Read a sample of Relic before it gets published!

Postby IBBoard at 29 Mar 2010, 19:30

My wife is an amateur author who is currently trying to get published. She has a book on a site called Authonomy - a project by Harper-Collins to get the community to rank the best books and get them to an editor for review. She has classed the book as "young adult", but I'd quite happily read it and I'm 25 - it mainly just means it has pace and flow rather than being a tome like Lord of the Rings.

The book started at the bottom of the charts, like all others, somewhere around 6000th and shot to the top 100 in about two weeks, including a reasonable stint as the top book of the week in the Young Adult, Fantasy and even All Genre charts for the site. It won't make it to the editor this month, but it is still climbing to the top. She has also had contact from a literary agent (they contacted her based on her story on Authonomy - not a common occurrence) requesting the full manuscript. They're now doing a second reading of the book and asking for a synopsis, which I'm in the process of reading.

So, if you want to read the first few chapters of Relic before it potentially gets published, check it out on Authonomy. If you like it then please sign up and back it to get it to the editor. In fact, please sign up and back it anyway! Also, read the comments - people love the quality of the description and the scene setting, and even if I might be biased I still think it is well paced, well described and much better than many novels I've read.
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