Not new, but back from a hiatus


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Not new, but back from a hiatus

Postby mattstone at 14 Jul 2009, 00:01

Hey I'm Matt, used to play lot's of Bloodbowl, Necro and Warhammer in the early to mid nineties, got my passion re-ignited slightly recently so been tipping my toe.

Glad to see the 'specialist' games supported, and with a network, but sad to see they have gone wayward slightly.

Can't help agreeing with the comments on the 'self-containment' of these games, and the low expenditure to have a vastly enjoyable experience with these games also, still, it's all business right?

I got e-bay at least.

I come from Plymouth, i went Games Day 94, my old manager was called Jason (ginger) and the co was Denzil (if it rings anyones bells). It seems very different in there now.

I used to really enjoy the games above but also had experience in Heroquest, Mord, space hulk and loved Epic too. Still love gargants!

Couple other things about me? Make dance music, Love PS3 and have massive Dr Who collection (classic).

Well guess better leave it there, anyone from Plymouth with the same vein of taste as me, hook me up on my post in the specialist section, my call for local bowlers!



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Re: Not new, but back from a hiatus

Postby IBBoard at 14 Jul 2009, 17:38

That's not new to gaming rather than not new to the forums, then :)

It does seem like your preferences are a bit more on the "specialist games" side than the core games. I started gaming in about 1994 (issue 177 was the first one I got) and it has changed quite a bit since then. There's still some of the same people in the staff (at least there has been in the Bolton store - Brian, the manager with the pony tail, was back there the last I visited).

Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay and find some people in your local area who play Bloodbowl. If you want to help out (even just in terms of rules knowledge) with the WarFoundry army creation application then please drop in to the other forums as well.
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Re: Not new, but back from a hiatus

Postby mattstone at 15 Jul 2009, 00:20

Hey thanks for the welcome IB.