Hello all.


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Hello all.

Postby Raze at 19 Jan 2009, 01:48

Been looking for a forum to drop in for.

Been into the hobby for a good 12 years now, sometimes on and off.

Just recently I have taken it upon myself to start afresh (almost) by selling some of my armies but keeping my favourite and building on that, which would be my fantasy Chaos Warriors Army, as it is called now.

Again, I see prices have taken another hike! Though with times of recession I guess it was going to happen, just means ill purchase less and spend more time painting what models I have.

Anyhow, great forum, ill be around and about.

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Re: Hello all.

Postby IBBoard at 20 Jan 2009, 19:22

Welcome to the forums. We're a bit quiet at times, but hopefully WarFoundry will start to pick things up a bit there. Given that Chaos are one of the odder armies then anything you can help with in the new army creation application would be great :)

As for spending less, I just updated our Games Workshop on a Budget article. There are some good discounts in there now - everyone I looked at that had changed now offered more discount.
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