Lone Wolf books now playable online


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Lone Wolf books now playable online

Postby IBBoard at 05 Nov 2008, 20:21

I don't know how many people ever played the Lone Wolf series of books, but they're now available to play online!

A bit like the Fighting Fantasy books from Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson of Games Workshop, only with an on-going story-line instead of being stand-alone, the Lone Wolf books were an interesting series of "choose your own adventure" books where your choices and luck with some simple battles and dice rolls determined how the story went.

I played them in the 90s when I was about ten, although I never played them that much. Back then the trick was to try and keep your fingers in previous pages in case things went badly so that you could skip back a step or two and take a different route. The online version defeats finger bookmarks, but makes 'cheating' even easier by letting you use the back button on your browser!

Now, if only I had a chance to play one again...
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