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Defestus Reinen

Postby Defestus Reinen at 07 Oct 2008, 18:08

Hi guys! Sorry it took me so long to post, but I feel that I had to write a few posts just for convenience. They are both FFs, both about the Blood Reavers, my own personal Chaos Warband.
Please read them, they're pretty cool.
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Re: Defestus Reinen

Postby IBBoard at 08 Oct 2008, 19:54

Welcome. Thanks for posting the stories. I will get round to reading them and posting them to the main HWT website at some point, but most of my evenings are taken up with either looking after my son (who is at his grumpiest/sleepiest/least willing to sleep in the evenings) or working on some serious changes behind all the websites I run.
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