How do I post my artwork?


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How do I post my artwork?

Postby IBBoard at 05 Apr 2007, 09:36

Since this section is all about artwork, it helps to know how to show it off. All you need is a host for the images and some simple BBCode (the tags used to add extra formatting to posts).

First, the host. If your ISP doesn't give you hosting space (or you don't want to use it) then there are a number of free file hosting locations. ImageShack is a common one in the Dawn of War community, although in this thread Brother-Raven also mentioned PhotoJerk, and Flickr is also another alternative for those who want more of an album rather than a simple image host.

Once you've got your image uploaded (following each site's own instructions) all you need is the address of the image. If the site thumbnails the image, then the following code will add the thumbnail linked to the large image:

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If the image is small enough (i.e. small file size and less than 500px wide - other limitations will be on a case-by-case basis) and the image host allows it then the image can be directly embedded in the post:

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If the image is too large, the site doesn't provide a thumbnail and you don't make a thumbnail yourself, then please use a text link to the image:

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[url=]short description/name of image[/url]
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