frozen phoenix CSM chapter (lineart only)


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frozen phoenix CSM chapter (lineart only)

Postby Shadowdude at 07 Mar 2006, 16:54

me again,i just drew this in about 2 min. aproximately.if the comments are good(but seeing as it's kinda crappy they're probably not gonna be good) i might colour this (probably not because i hate colouring ,and it's always out of the lines :lol: )


it's a chaos space marine sergeant (w/o flag).he has a bolt pistol and a special sword containing special powers granted because of the feather of an "ice phoenix" beeing inside of it.the cable's coming from his armor to his head are to make sure he stays on the "dark side" :P .story behind the cables is that he was once a great sergeant of the space marines.when he finally got defeated the CSM made use of him,but didn't really trust him.the cables can control his mind so becoming good again is no option.if he wins more battles he will become a chaos lord.

i don't have a name yet for him.any suggestions and ideas are always welcome :)

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RE: frozen phoenix CSM chapter (lineart only)

Postby IBBoard at 12 Mar 2006, 20:22

Wow, large image! Being greyscale pencil, a GIF or PNG image may be better for file size, and resizing it down would be good :)

As for the chapter - the name doesn't quite have the normal scary feel of Chaos, but I'd be interested to see the colour scheme. I take it you've played Dawn of War from the turret and what I'm assuming is the Desecrated Stronghold in the background.

Not sure on names, but the sword and cables idea is good. The sword is possibly overkill for a mere sergeant, but it'd be good for a Chaos Lord. The 'powers' of the sword would look better with the colour - something about lines for powers doesn't quite work as well as halos of colour :)
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