Help please


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Help please

Postby MadMatt at 16 Aug 2006, 21:02

yeah i downloaded an iron hands mod,and it replaced my 40k folder in prgram files the mod was okay but it has messed up the orther chapters that my frend uses ect and he gonenr be *** unfortuantly i cant reset it becase my 40k folder backup and f-ed up can anyone send to a link where i can download a new 40k folder,unmodded if possable


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RE: Help please

Postby IBBoard at 20 Aug 2006, 15:36

Firstly, wrong forum. You're talking 40K folder, so it's DoW, which is under Sideline Games.

Secondly, distributing files like that is a breech of the EULA (End User License Agreement) and effectively piracy and illegal (even if you're not doing it for those reasons).

Sorry we can't help.

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