Combining Mods


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Combining Mods

Postby Tyfighter77 at 17 Jul 2006, 04:44

Halved Marines & Quartered Marines

Is there a way to combine these two mods once they're installed? So that there are 2 new races in DOW instead of 1?

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RE: Combining Mods

Postby IBBoard at 17 Jul 2006, 07:51

As soon as Relic release the 1.5 mod tools I'll be re-releasing the Mods as full v1.5 for DoW and WA and then a combined mod. It had always been planned, but other things kept me from making the combined mod.

If you want a makeshift, five-minute job that will have broken AI and win conditions for one race, then the following should work:

Copy and paste the following into a new text file, name it "HalvedQuarterMarine.module" and save it in your Dawn of War directory, along with the other .module files. Make sure Notepad or whatever doesn't add .txt to the end.
Code: Select all

UIName = Halved and Quartered Marines
Description = Halved and Quartered Space Marines as separate races
DllName = W40kMod
ModFolder = HalvedQuartrMarines_Mod
ModVersion = 0.9

DataFolder.1 = Data

RequiredMod.1 = QuartrMarines
RequiredMod.2 = HalvedMarines
RequiredMod.3 = objective_points
RequiredMod.4 = W40k

And then make a folder in your DoW directory called "HalvedQuarterMarines_Mod"

That'll leave you with fully working QuartrMarines but missing AI/Win Conditions for the Halved Marines. If you want to make it for WA, add "RequiredMod.4 = WXP", make W40K RequiredMod.5 and change DLLName to WXP. If you want it the other way around, swap RequiredMod.1 and .2.

It's nowhere near perfect, but its the simple botch. If you know a bit about modding, or are willing to poke, you can copy the "scar" folder from underneath one of the races and alter it yourself to get working win conditions. AI is a bit more fussy, though, and liable to cause a complete 'crash to desktop' if you edit it slightly wrong.

Give it a week or so (hopefully, as long as Relic are quick) and I'll make the new version that uses the Skirmish AI and Finaldeath's mergable Win Conditions :)

In the mean time, if there's enough call for it, I'll release a better merge patch with all of the merging bugs fixed properly.

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