Wanted: Tutorials, articles, submissions or ideas!


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Wanted: Tutorials, articles, submissions or ideas!

Postby IBBoard at 17 Mar 2006, 19:12

Simguinus, Hulls Raven and Brannick are already being a big help in this area, but I feel like making the announcement anyway :)

Hive World Terra is an old site - ancient by most websites' standards - and it isn't going to go away! What we do need, though, is content. There's a certain amount that I can contribute, and thanks to the Warvault.net team and their community support there may be some Rollcall ADF files on their way at some point. We're still looking for submissions, though :)

What do we want? Anything that's of reasonable quality (put some effort in and clean up that little spark of an idea in to something great!) and is to do with any of the Games Workshop games/universes.

Fanfiction is the obvious one - post it in the Fiction section of the forums, I'll read over it, check for obvious errors and then add it to the site. Thanks to Hulls Raven and Brannick for their contributions in that area.

Articles - conversions, how you built your army, how you achieved your paint scheme or a paint effect, battle reports, scenarios, new armies lists, anything! We're not race specific, so anything goes :) GW may have killed them off, but if you feel like a bit of retro Squattish-ness we've even got the space for that :)

Encyclopedia - definitions of anything will be greatly useful. Simguinus has been doing a great job with adding things. Submission is easy - just go to the 'Suggest a word' form and I'll approve it if it's suitable :)

Downloads - themed roster sheets, Rollcall files, home made banners, scenery templates - whatever it is, it'll fit somewhere in the Downloads section! If we don't have a category that it'll fit in, new ones will be made as necessary.

Finally, the ideas. If something doesn't work smoothly, if you feel a link would be useful somewhere (maybe navigation in an area isn't all that friendly) or if there's something that you think the site could do, just post it in the 'Suggestions and Updates' forum. All suggestions will be considered - I'm sure there are lots of things I could do with the site, and some times I just need the motivation of some people actually requesting the feature!
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