Warhammer Online cinematic trailer


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Warhammer Online cinematic trailer

Postby IBBoard at 11 Sep 2008, 18:10

I just tripped over this recently, and while I doubt the game graphics are like that it doesn't stop it being a great cinematic from a general Warhammer angle. I actually picked it up from a "Warhammer Online for World of Warcraft players" article, which was quite interesting in its self. If I had the time then I definitely think I'd prefer the gritty WH world over some light and cuddly WoW thing. Having said that, even WAR doesn't seem to be as dark and gritty as it could be and is still a bit bright in places.

The Warhammer: Age of Reckoning trailer covers all of the races in the game and probably most of the character types.

One of my favourite bits is towards the middle where the Goblin Shaman throws something to the ground that turns in to a squig. He then hits it repeatedly to make it grow to twice his height before it starts causing its normal degree of havoc! The High Elf warrior (who looks a bit like a Shadow Warrior) definitely caught the elven look right (when I played WH it was with High Elves).
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