Net Epic?


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Net Epic?

Postby Dominic at 02 Aug 2008, 15:04

Having just had a sort through my old games, I am rediscovering all my old epic scale 40k stuff and was wondering, does anyone still play?

Personally, I loved the second edition "space marine" version- the next edition was too simplified and lacking character. I tried to switch, but just found it a poor substitute.
Is "Net Epic" the way forward then? I hear it's based on 2nd edition rules. have any of you played it? If so I would love to hear from you.

I am SW England based, by the by, and have a large ork army. Seems a great shame to let them gather dust- can I really be the only player who wants a proper game using the classic components? :?

Any pointers or info gratefully received!

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Re: Net Epic?

Postby IBBoard at 03 Aug 2008, 08:42

Net Epic? Never heard of it. A quick search and it looks like it might be the best option as it is based on the Space Marine rules. I'm surprised it has managed to last against GW's legal department, though!

The latest Epic rules are officially available online, but not in shops. I'd imagine even that version isn't too popular now that GW moved it to a "specialist game", so Net Epic will probably have less coverage and fewer players.

All I can think of is that you ask at some of your local gaming clubs. Even if they don't play it now then there might be some people who still have an old Epic army lying around that they'd happily play with again.
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