Blood Bowl the computer game


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Blood Bowl the computer game

Postby IBBoard at 20 Apr 2008, 19:22

After making Chaos League and getting in to trouble with Games Workshop over its similarities to Blood Bowl, the Cyanide Studio games developers are getting close to releasing the first of their licensed Blood Bowl games.

The latest UK White Dwarf has a single screenshot showing Orcs versus Humans and a couple of paragraphs, pointing people to the Blood Bowl computer game site. The website has more screenshots (including some that are, for no apparent reason, embedded in a scrolling Flash app). There's some interesting things to spot in the backgrounds, including the old game cover in the back of the bottom screenshot on this page.

If you want video, there is some on a French gaming site, although it never actually gets to any action.

There are apparently two ways of playing - either turn-based that matches the latest edition of the rules, or real-time for a probably Madden-esque scrum.

Game specs for the beta (which has been closed a while) seem a bit high for game of rugby, but apparently the final game will be better optimised and so should need lower minimum requirements.

It'll be interesting to see how it develops and see what mods people bring out for it.
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