What fliers should be in DoW?


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What fliers should be in DoW?

Postby IBBoard at 29 Sep 2007, 15:25

Apparently the new DoW: Soulstorm expansion (which will be released in Spring 2008) will include true fliers for the first time, as opposed to "floating units that look like they can fly and can do spot to spot jumps".

So, what fliers/"air units" do you think should be in there? Since each of the old races is getting new units then I'd guess at least some of them should be fliers.

The main thoughts I had are all large-scale fliers: Thunderhawks for the Space Marines, Valkyries for the Guard, some of the larger ships for the Tau (perhaps the Orca for a mass retreat when the enemy get in too close) and beyond that I'm a bit lost.

I guess the Eldar could have real flight for their grav tanks, or the Forgeworld site has a Nightwing that looks a reasonable size.

Can't quite see the Necrons flying, though!
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