Golden Eagles - Truth or heresy?


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Golden Eagles - Truth or heresy?

Postby Bobahat at 23 Sep 2007, 10:06

I thought this would be an interesting topic for discussion.
It seems that a lot of people feel that the Golden Eagles skin is an absolute must-have if you are playing Space Marines in DoW. Granted, it is great for most Chapters but Being an Imperial Fists player it never quite did it for me (Imperial Fists have red eagles).

I do not oppose the fact that the Golden Eagles skin is perfect for Chapters like the Dark Angels or Raven Guard who seem to become very bland and boring otherwise, but does that really make it a 'must-have' in terms of playing Space Marines?

Personally, I say it is not. I prefer not to use it as it seems to limit more than it improves. Then again, I can't contest its helpfulness in other circumstances.

What do you guys think?

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RE: Golden Eagles - Truth or heresy?

Postby IBBoard at 23 Sep 2007, 10:36

Firstly I think I'll move it to the correct forum - Sideline Games (although DoW Skinning would also have been suitable, but this is a discussion about a skin rather than how to skin).

Secondly, there's already a related thread I started up ages ago about Must have codex skins for Dawn of War.

As for Hangar-8's Golden Eagles, personally I think it's a great improvement over the originals. On top of the golden chest eagle (which frees up a spare colour - there's never enough colours to do what you want) I think the additional details that Hangar-8 put in are more than worth using it. I've even used the commander in my latest DC-compatible Halved Marine textures since he's a major improvement over the standard texture with its "ugly bling of doom".

Having said that, I don't normally play with it myself. Then again I don't play much and I'm normally testing various textures so it keeps getting swapped out.

Dark Angels probably do get an improvement from it, although sometimes people use bone or red eagles, and the Blood Angels and Ultramarines would fit it well. Raven Guard shouldn't normally use it as they generally have white chest eagles.

The only guaranteed "must have" that I can think of is the shoulder pad FX fix from Hangar-8. Whoever in Relic decided that bionics needed "glowing Halloween skulls of doom" must have been using something illegal :shock:
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