Fantasy Spells


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Re: Fantasy Spells

Postby IBBoard at 11 Nov 2010, 12:56

IMO, it's only reasonable. Brettonians are all about honour and knights, hence why they let the ladies do magic. If you want good magic from the main colleges then the Empire are your army. Each army has its strengths and weaknesses, so play to them. If every army had access to everything then the main change would be the models and it'd be like W40K 1st edition (where everyone could take any weapon).
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Re: Fantasy Spells

Postby snowblizz at 11 Nov 2010, 15:21

Bretts only have lady spellcasters because someone eats the male ones. Or something. Basically the Lady of the Lake takes 'em and sorts it out. Only leaves the female ones anyway. Maybe they taste funny or something.

The funny thing is that Bretts have access to what is currently considered the "better" spell lores. Though I wouldn't rate them higher than Shadow and Death eg. Most lores are pretty darn good actually. 8th is in that way a great improvement for Bretts as Life, Light and Beasts were fairly lackluster for the Brett army previously.

As you say it's part of the "character" of the army what lores they have and Bretts have access to the "good" or at least "non-evil" lores. They do fit well with a more "nature" oriented theme of the Bretts as followers of the Lady.