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Postby saphire krakens at 26 Sep 2010, 07:34

My space marines need tactics
whats the best combo of heavy weapons and tanks/drop pods

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Re: Tactics

Postby IBBoard at 26 Sep 2010, 18:38

It depends what you're facing and what your points limit is. If you're facing Orks then you're likely to need more rapid-fire weaponry like Heavy Bolters, where as Guard would need a mix of Heavy Bolters and either Missile Launchers or Lascannons to deal with the tanks at long range. Flamers are good in Tactical squads against either army, but the odd melta or plasma gun might be useful against the Guard for close-range tank busting.

I've never fought against drop pods, but I'd expect that tanks are more flexible and easier to use. If you're fighting big battles or mobile enemies then I'd consider a couple of Rhinos or Razorbacks to mobilise your troops, but otherwise I'd just go for a Predator or two. Land Raider's are only really useful in bigger games due to their large points value. Vindicator's could be useful if you're fighting at close quarters, especially against massed troops.

I normally lean for troops over heavy equipment in most armies, but the two main uses for tanks are 1) providing a dangerous and tough or impossible to kill target (e.g. Orks without Power Klaws or Burnas will really struggle, but they might be able to just avoid it) and 2) providing a mobile weapons platform, especially for big turret weapons, but they can get taken out in one shot (an expensive loss) or almost completely replaced by multiple troops.
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