2010 World Event


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2010 World Event

Postby F1rstborn at 03 Mar 2010, 11:17

Now is the time my brothers! :wink:

I reckon it's high-time we has another world event like the previous ones- Medusa V and The Eye of Terror.
It's these types of events that really bring alot of gamers together, and it is really very interesting to follow and to see the results of other peoples games.
So now I'm saying LET'S 'AVE ANOTHER BIG BATTLE!!! :P

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Re: 2010 World Event

Postby IBBoard at 03 Mar 2010, 19:35

I'm trying to remember when they normally announce these things. The big events are always quite interesting (never got involved, but always read about them) and they do generally bring up some interesting scenarios and new fluff. Is it time for a WH one or a 40K one? And who are likely to be the main protagonists?
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