Freebooterz, Bad Moons and what is 40K canon


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Re: Freebooterz, Bad Moons and what is 40K canon

Postby snowblizz at 18 Jan 2010, 11:46

IBBoard wrote:As for the Blood Raven Pile - sounds like a cool bit of terrain :) One way of using up Space Marine models if you don't want them, but I'd have thought you could have sold them quite easily as well!

Dunno why someone did it in the first place. I think said terrain piece was a hand down from some gaming store or another. Can't remember if it was picked up "locally" or ebayed. Why someone would glue together the content from at least 2 tactical boxes is beyond me. But then I have trouble "wasting" expensive toysoldiers. Some people do not.

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Re: Freebooterz, Bad Moons and what is 40K canon

Postby IBBoard at 18 Jan 2010, 19:33

Probably was a store piece then - staff get models comparatively dirt cheap (they've got to have some benefit from what I've been told are fairly measly wages) and anything done for an in-store table probably gets waived as "expenses and overheads".

It'd be great if I had the money to do some of these conversions and bits of scenery where they either take expensive models and hack them up, or make one model out of small parts (e.g. hands, forearm, shin, etc) from lots of different models, but I can't see it happening for a while now.

But that's all off-topic. Back to the canon!
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Re: Freebooterz, Bad Moons and what is 40K canon

Postby NBKFuzzy at 19 Jan 2010, 06:27

The area where I play makes a lot of custom and very cool maps, fully modeled. One ever has running water on it. It is a church, a rather popular one at that. They have contests to make maps and scenery, ect.

There is even the Campaign Board which they do once a month where the attach a series of similar boards in the main hall and create massive boards called "planets"

My favorite is an urban landscape where there was evidently a fight between Tau and Space Marines, due to the maker littered the area with marine corpses and limbs, as well as some tau. Not to mention vehicle wrecks which are moved around each time we play by refs to block certain areas.
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