New Beastmen models


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Re: New Beastmen models

Postby IBBoard at 26 Jan 2010, 20:06

That Warseer paint job does look slightly more reasonable, and those battle report ones just look ridiculous! The standard model that they show in WD and the catalogue looks a bit silly with the cartoon-like bulging eye, but I guess the general appearance they were looking for is "not just any old boar, but a boar corrupted by Chaos"...only they took it a bit far :\

At least the rest of the model range is okay, even if the beastmen have got a bit silly. I'm not sure I'd agree with the Narnia comment, though. The old beastment are potentially more Narnian, since they're a little less corrupt, a little more classical and a bit more furry. That said, you can probably see influences of most current fantasy media in most games if you want, e.g. Warcraft in WH (or vice versa) when it first came out.
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Re: New Beastmen models

Postby snowblizz at 26 Jan 2010, 21:50

Of course the question really is. If people have to go "well if we do this and this it might be passable", is that really a good model to try and sell? Why not make something that actually looks good. Same for their paint jobs.