Games Workshop Survey


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Games Workshop Survey

Postby D6 Games at 26 Mar 2012, 23:00

Hi Everyone,

Hope you guys are having a fantastic day. I am obviously new to the forum, I have been into wargaming for a while now, mainly Warhammer. I love my Dark Elf Army, but it is still not complete.

I am doing some research and was hoping you would take a few minutes of your time to fill in a short survey. Hopefully from your feedback I can make a website that will offer you the best experience possible

copy and paste the following url beloe into your address bar to take part in the survey.

You will have the chance to be entered into a little competition as a thank you.

That's all for now, and I look forward to getting to know you all.

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Re: Games Workshop Survey

Postby IBBoard at 29 Mar 2012, 18:30

Two things:

1) You appear to be starting up a store, for which this is research. I've let this one slide, but our rules specifically say that we don't allow advertising without prior approval.

2) Your survey may be borked. I just ran through it and the final "here's your last chance to give us a name and email" has an sprintf() error (which reveals your full path and the fact that it is based on Wordpress) and the boxes are empty. I don't know if that means that people will lose their entrance into the competition.

And in case anyone wonders what the prize is - it appears to be a free issue of White Dwarf (not sure how old). I didn't see any conditions on it, so presumably it'd be posted to any international winners as well.
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