Crimson Fist I : The Necrosphere


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RE: Crimson Fist I : The Necrosphere

Postby IBBoard at 07 Mar 2006, 09:11

No problem, it's all about the community. Every site has it's specialisation. The closest HWT gets is "my army" and "Rollcall ADF files", but my army isn't so interesting as a visitor draw and the ADF files get more hits from people looking for free copies of the Codex books. Also, I can't keep them up to date because I don't have the codexes and other people don't contribute :\

Anyway, ImpLit would be good for the feedback. I'm planning on adding a feedback section at some point anyway, but with ImpLit getting back up and running after the hacking it'd probably get you more feedback faster over there.
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