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RE: Chew This Over

Postby Mirridi at 12 Jun 2003, 19:49

Discuss, extrapolate, do what you will.

Idea: Technical society in north.
Rural everywhere else.
Need a scientific excuse for Magic.
Shitty Evil terrorist ditactor dude taking over planet.

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RE: Chew This Over

Postby IBBoard at 13 Jun 2003, 09:39

Ahhh, good old "evil dictator-type-person" :D
Sounds quite good - north all advanced, seems like magic to the rural peoples. All the classic "weapons of the gods" ideas would fit in where the rural people are trying to fight off "thunder-sticks" (guns) with their bows etc.
Dunno what else to say until someone else gets here :D but it sounds good. After a couple of other projects I have on the go at the moment, I might make HWT into a better website with sections for these stories etc :)

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Librarian Rannos

RE: Chew This Over

Postby Librarian Rannos at 25 May 2005, 08:44

Dictators,guns,people who cannot fight back,centered civilization and tech...sounds familiar....[thinks....remembers]I think there was a game which had both hi-tech and magic,gods etc.I think it was developed by Black Isle.Perhaps you can "steal" some ideas,transform them and finnaly create your own world or fiction or whatever.