Warhammer 40k Story


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Warhammer 40k Story

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Warhammer 40000
The Sword Beings
Chapter One: Sword of a new enemy
By Steven John Schultz

At the galaxy’s north tip, noticing that the five planets were in danger of destruction, Navax learned that his society that he made for thousands of years have been dying. Dying from invasion of the Tyranids, and the Orcish Hordes of Davan. Navax, an old being of existence, sent his five squads of the Sword from his throne chair. Noticing that they were his last offense and his home world is corrupted by Chaos Daemons, Navax learned as well that his only son, named Davian Darwen, walked away from his throne room to an escape star pod to fly out of the planet to outer space. Navax seen five Hive Tyrants fighting against the Sword. The five Squads of the Sword learned that their Plasma Swords were no match for the carapace of the Hive Tyrants. Navax knew of his end while watching his son leave the planet to the capital ship of Eons. Eons were the creatures that the Tyranids were destroying, and knew that the Orcs wanted to destroy them as well. Eons wore leather suited plating armor that made them fast, but weak in defense. The five squads of the Sword are dead by the flesh eating Hive Tyrants.

One by one the Elite Guard that stood in the way of getting there goal to eat Navax, the Hive Tyrants were being shot by five squads of Shoota Boys. One of the final five Hive Tyrants died from being shot enough to be dead. Navax looked at the other four Hive Tyrants with uneasy look and seen that they were getting ready to fire upon him with their Flesh Rifles. The Slugga Boys of ten squads of five ran towards the four Hive Tyrants to destroy them.

Navax seen that his future was clearly ending when all of his elites were gone. The five Elite Guard Eons were gone now and Navax was all alone and cornered to the wall by a Slugga Boy.

“What shall we do with you?” asked the Slugga Boy.
“Keep me alive if you want this planet to be yours,” said Navax.
“Then we shall,” said the Slugga Boy.

The Slugga Boy seen that the Big Mek with a gray pole in his hands walked through the path of dead bodies that were decaying and seen that Navax was nervous.

“Don’t be nervous,” said the Slugga Boy.
“I am nervous,” said Navax.
“You will know that I am getting you to safety,” said Big Mek.

All of the Hive Tyrants were dead by the overwhelming Slugga and Shoota Boys that were coming into the giant throne room.

“I see now I got you, and I have you to know that Warboss Davan has a few words for ya,” said the Big Mek.

“I see then bring me to him.,” said Navax.

The Warboss Davan held his trophy of a Hive Tyrant’s head on his staff and found out that the Tyranids were fleeing without their Hive Tyrants that were coming out of the castle.

“I see I have won this day,” said Davan.

Davan looked at his leaders to find out they were helping the old Eon out of the castle.

“We have him boss,” said a Slugga Boy.
“Good give em to me,” said Davan.

Navax looked at the Warboss and found out that he wanted his head on his staff.

“I want your head clean and shaven from your mane,” said Davan.
“I will never give you my head,” said Navax.
“You shall be my trophy,” said Davan.

A drop pod came down to the ground from the sky. Its red colored drop pod that came down to the ground was known as the Eon Meteor. The Elite Guards were coming out of the drop pod that were five squads of five that wore godly helmets that were shining holiness.

“Its the Shine Elites,” said Navax.
“What do you mean ole man?” asked Davan.
“My creations are here from afar,” said Navax.

The Orc Warboss looked at the shine of the helmets of gold and seen that he was in danger since most of his Slugga Boys and Shoota Boys were gone by a single blast of energy.

“I have known you guys would come,” said Navax.
“We are here to destroy all Orcs and the humans,” said God Leader Eon named David Thrawen.
“I have to go bye bye,” said Davan.

Davan vanished by his tele-porta and found out that his capital ship was under attack by the Shine Eons Eon Capital Ship.

The Orc Capital Ship went through a hole in the fabric of space and left the planet’s orbit and was still intact by the fired shots of the Eon Capital Ship.

Navax walked through the ranks of the Godly creations that he made while being in golden energy handcuffs.

“Why putting him in handcuffs?” asked one of the soldiers.
“We have to in order to destroy all life of creation and destruction,” said the Godly Knight.
“I did not make you guys to destroy all life,” said Navax.
“Well your son has been given the call of execution as we speak,” said the Godly Knight.
“I will recreate you,” said Navax.
“You can not since we wear these helmets and body armor,” said the Godly Knight.

Navax went towards the Eon Meteor with five Godly Knights walking with him to put him into the prison cell inside the Eon Meteor.

After a while in the Eon Capital Ship of the Sunset Eons.....

Davian leaned against his mother’s body to see that she was already dead. Davian knew that his life was hanging in the balance. While knowing this that his father died as well.

“I see then you are the last of the Sunset Eons,” said the Godly Lord.
“We have created you and you have known to betray us,” said Davain.
“You have should of not created us and you shall know that I am going to kill all of you,” said the Godly Lord.

The Godly Lord has a shine looks to him with golden armored body with long tentacle like arms.

“I see you are not a Sunset Eon like all of us,” said Davian.
“The Shine Eons are here to end all life and all death,” said the Godly Lord.

Davian hanged onto the thread of life when he was shot by five blasts of wave cannons that were shooting against him. Davian knew that his life looked grim and he knew that the only way out was death.

“Now cut his head off,” said the Godly Lord.
“Yes master,” said a different voice of a being.

The Chaos Lord with a cloak on looked at his enemies of Holy and Darkness.

“I have seen you before inside the warp,” said the Chaos Lord.

The Chaos Lord used his chain sword to cut off the rope that was hanging the head of Davian.

“We are the same,” said the Chaos Lord.
“We are not sir, but thank you for saving my life,” said Davian.

The Godly Lord looked at the Chaos Lord human and found out that his taint of evil was so strong that he was confused by the effect of evil.

The Godly Lord vanished with all of his Godly Knights and Godly Speed Riders towards their Shine Eon Capital Ship.

“Thank you for saving me,” said Davian.
“You are the one that saved me from being a holy,” said the Chaos Lord.
“Never I have been inside the Warp, but I do remember you though,” said Davian.
“Good then I am proud to see that I have corrupted this ship,” said the Chaos Lord.
“Good my friend then go get that Eon Ship,” said Davian.
“We are going after there home world as we speak,” said the Chaos Lord.

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Re: Warhammer 40k Story

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The Second Chapter

Chapter Two: The Shine Eons Counterattack

The Shine Eons Godly Lord knew that his home world of Dakane was under attack by the Waagh of the Orcish Horde of Davan. While he was looking through his visions of his home world, he learned that a Necron tomb was opened during the slaughter of the Shine Eons that were protecting it.

“I see this vision that I have known that the Necrons have been opened, they are massing through the ranks of my elites,” said Godly Lord.

“Sire I have news that the Sunset Eons have massing on the ground near the portal to Neworker planet,” said the Godly Visionary Scout.

“I have known that they were massing towards the portal,” said Godly Lord.
“You have known this sire and you are not doing anything about it?” asked Godly Visionary Scout.

“Yes I knew that, take me to planet Cirrusan near Neworker solar system,” commanded by Godly Lord.

“As you command sire,” said the Godly Pilot.

The Godly Pilot had silver armored plating on and dark red helmet on.

The Godly Lord shined brightly with anger that his twin brother had been massing an assault on his home world. Godly Lord knew as well that the Necrons were tougher to beat than anything that he encountered before he turned to an Eon.

A dark red drop ship landed on the rocky surface of the planet of Dakane that made the Sunset Eon uneasy. While on the ground getting out of the drop ship, Navax learned that his body was healing himself while stepping on the ground of where he was born.

“I sense that you are healing with darkness from the Necrons energy,” said Chaos Lord.
“How did you knew about that I used to be born here from their power?” asked Navax.
“I didn’t,” answered the Chaos Lord.

The Chaos Lord looked upon his hands that is holding his helmet. Navax taller than the Chaos Lord by five feet, looked upon the massing of Necrons coming their way.

“I see that the Necron Lord is leading their armies here, but why?” asked Navax.
“To go to the Shine’s Eons real home planet of Neworker,” said Chaos Lord.
“How about the planets that surrounds that home planet they will also be destroyed,” said Navax. “Exactly my point and I will rule the day that I will destroy those planets,” said Chaos Lord.

The Chaos Lord looked upon the upcoming force of three thousand Necron Warriors with their Necron lord leading the way. The Chaos Lord looked calm with a face of comfort that his Khorne Berserkers were out of the Warp.

“So you had backup all this time and did not tell me?” asked Navax.
“Yes and now that you will be here to witness a battle that you have never seen before,” said the Chaos Lord.

The Ork Warboss Davan seen a huge fight between the Khorne Beserkers and the Necron Warriors fighting in the battlefield of Neworker Portal.

“I see Warboss that you are looking at the battle between the pointy headed humies and the Necrons,” said a Grot.

“Yes, is the new weapon ready to fire?” asked Warboss Davan.
“Yes it is boss,” said the Mekboy.

The weapon has a cannon melted onto a machine walker that shot out of the launcher and fell to the ground. The shredding ground made the earth unstable while the weapon was still twisting like a bladed saucer. This bladed saucer had many sharp knives at the center that were flying towards the Khorne Beserkers and the Necrons.

Khorne Beserkers were sliced off from their bodies while the knives were cutting into their helmets. The knives also had cut through the Necron ranks and some of them fell down to the ground immobilized. The other Necron Warriors that were not hit were still walking towards the Chaos Lord and Navax. The black armored skeletons of the Necrons were shooting their gauss rifles. Navax jumped towards the sky to dodge the blasts while doing so he grabbed on to the metal beams of the Carrier of Eons that was hovering above him.

Navax used his tele-port technique to go inside the Carrier of Eons.

“So I see that he is resourceful as well,” said the Chaos Lord.

The Chaos Lord looked around to see that all of his Khorne Beserkers Squads were destroyed by the Gauss Rifles of the Necron Warriors. The Necron Lord used his Orb of Resurrection to return the dead Necron Warriors to be resurrected. The Chaos Lord looked at his depending doom and seen that his warp was the only way to retreat. The Chaos Lord looked at his ally Navax and retreated inside the warp by walking towards it before the Necrons were shooting at him.

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Re: Warhammer 40k Story

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Chapter Three: The Escape

On the Dakane Planet where the portal to Neworker was, the Necron Lord walked inside it to find that the metallic arc was made through the Sword Beings power. The Necron Lord found out that he was the only one that made it towards the Neworker Planet system by seeing that the army of his was stuck inside the portal.

The Necron Lord knew that he was walking towards a Temple of the Sun. A Heavy Destroyer Lord of the Necron statue was worshiped by humans outside of the Temple.

“I see the Necron Lord,” said a Human Slave.

The human slave had wore a clothed suit that went glowing green with Necron energy. The Necron Lord observed the slaves by seeing that they were walking up to him. The Necron Slaver, a unit of a Necron Warrior and a Pariah fused together, with a whip of energy walked closer to the Necron Lord and seen that he was the same Necron Lord of his army.

“Sense of small energy of the Sword Beings called Eons are here,” said the Human Slave.

The Necron Lord walked towards the Drop ship of Eons to see that his chest went glowing green more and more effectively. This reason of glowing was excitement to see that his power energy was ready to destroy the drop ship, but the drop ship had many shields that deflected that energy coursing through him. The Drop ship was able to land onto the black rough rocky ground.

“I see the Necron Lord we have to destroy him before he awakens more Necrons,” said an Eon Leader.

The Eon Leader wore a Sunset Armored body suit that allowed him to speed walking towards the Necron Slaves. The Necron Slaves were attacking the five units in the squad of Sunset by using their rifles. The slaves were aiming at the heads of the Eons that was their only weakness.

“How do they know about our weakness?” asked a Sunset Eon.
“Well I don’t know,” said the Eon Leader.

The Sunset Eon units wore armored suits of dark silver plating on their bodies that were also known as the Sunset Speed Squad. They used their skinny armor to kill most of the slaves of the Necrons.

The Necron Lord walked inside the temple while the Necron Slaver was whipping the five Eon units. With the whipping of the energy whip their came a wind in the sky that came forth to strike at the energy whip to pierce the heads of all five Eons. The Eon Leader was left to see that all of his men were dead.

The Necron Slaver walked up towards the Eon leader and found out that the Eon filled with dark energy to see that he was immensely powerful.being, so, he backed off walking towards the temple.

“I see that you can see my powerfulness,” said Eon Leader.

The Eon Leader had a mind power to use and to mask himself with energy of a Necron. The mind power was so strong that he was able to copy the Necron’s lord energy.

The seeing of an amulet the Eon Leader walked towards the wall to see that it was glowing.
The Sunset Eon walked towards the temple to put his hands on top of an amulet that made the Temple to go underneath the ground.

Meanwhile inside the temple.....

The Necron Lord found himself on the ground while the shaking of the temple walls were shaking him. Now that the temple was underground by seeing the wall openings were closed by the ground; the Necron Lord walked towards his tomb in which the temple of the Sun was built over, he used his energy to open the tomb by using his hands.

Five Scarab Units were out of the tomb building the generator of power. The power generator glowed with energy when built and gave the monolith rise out of the ground. The towering black colored monolith went unnoticed by the Sunset Eons.

Now out of the Monolith there came the Necron Lord and his Immortal Units of ten. They walked around patrolling the area to find out who put the temple of the Sun on top of their tomb.

On the other side of the planet, there lied a Temple of the Sky in which had five different units inside it protecting the corridor of the Temple in which where they are were at to seal the door where the Dark Sky Lord was imprisoned. The Temple Guards were known as Eons, but were Sunsets type.

“So who is going to let me out?” asked the Dark Sky Lord, with a dark voice.

“I will,” said Navax.

Navax walked towards the Temple Guards that wore glowing black armored bodied suits.

“So you are here to take out us to rescue him?” asked the Leader Temple Guard.

It would seem that Navax looked at the Leader of the Temple Guards and found out that he was guarding the crystal artifact as well.

The Crystal Artifact gave energy to the weapons of destruction called, “Long Shooters.” These Long Shooter weapons are: Rifles of Darken Skies, and Long Blades. The Temple Warriors were shooting their sniper rifles at Navax’s shoulders to pin him down to the ground. The two wounds on Navax were worsening his health and an Blitzkrieg Golem walked towards the Temple Warriors.

The Blitzkrieg Golem protecting his master Navax and shot out energies of Darkness of Eons energy towards the five Snipers. The five snipers heads were shot off from their bodies.

Soon off of their heads the bodies still intact and grew new ones, but these heads were monstrosities. These new Daemon like bodies were controlled not by chaos, but by the Dark Sky Lord. The Dark Sky Lord walked through the dead bodies of the Temple Guards after they were eaten by the Blitzkrieg Golem. The Golem had statue like body with rocks piling after rocks making its body, head, arms, and legs.

The Blitzkrieg Golem took out Navax to the Carrier of Eons while the Dark Sky Lord with his Possessed Sky Daemons walking alongside him. Now out of the temple inside the Carrier of Eons, Navax looked around his black walled infirmary.

“I see that you are well now,” said the Dark Sky Lord.

“Yes I am doing well,” said Navax.

“Well I have to admit that you are stronger then you present yourself,” said the Dark Sky Lord.

The Dark Sky Lord had a suit of armor of Darkness that made his body with wings on his arms and back. The blacken Dark Sky Lord walked towards Navax to possess his body.

“I am stronger than you think I am Darkness,” said Navax.
“How did you know my name?” asked Darkness Dark Sky Lord.

“I am your father,” said Navax.

“It would seem that I am a god as well,” said Darkness.

“Blitzkrieg Golems, Sunset Guardians, Sunset Snipers, and the rest of them are mine to control,” said Navax.

“Except for my men,” said Darkness.

“I knew that you created them on your own that is good and all, but you have no way to have them change their ways to my alliance,” said Navax.

“I want an alliance with you,” said Darkness.
“Good David Darkness,” said Navax, saying his son’s full name.

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Re: Warhammer 40k Story

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I was wondering if you would like to read this one if that is okay?