The Rise of Gorok Gorz


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The Rise of Gorok Gorz

Postby KevFrancomb at 31 Jul 2009, 16:09


I posted Part 1 of The Rise of Gorok Gorz on this site nearly 4 years ago. I've managed to get around to add some bits too it :clap: so here is Parts 2 & 3. Again the stories aren't long but hope they are fun to read .... it is aimed to be a little more light hearted than some of the other stuff on here.

Feed back welcome as I do think it needs some improving and dont even get me started on the grammer.


Part 2

Will it ever stop raining thought Bronso. 25 year veteran in the PDF. Survivor of the first Green War fought 20 years ago. Bronso had never seen such a brown place in his life. The trees had few leaves and were brown. There was no grass just mud, which was brown. Even the sand bags and cammo netting used to construct this temporary outpost, was brown. To make things worse, the sky was always dark with a hint of brown. Now just a couple of hours away from dusk the outpost was almost pitch black.

Bronso had recommended noise and light discipline be maintained. This had been declined by Lieutenant Purvis. Most of the soldiers were in their tents, playing cards by torch light enjoying themselves immensely. The whole camp smelled of tea and sounded like a holiday village. He tried to think back to the First Green War, was I ever that stupid? Yes, was the only answer. I hope these boys don’t learn the hard way like I had too. With that Bronso started rolling his bionic shoulder. It always seemed to feel tight whenever he thought of that damed Orc biting down on it.

With a shudder Bronso pulled his feet out of the mud and tried to find somewhere to stand where he wouldn't sink. Not being successful he held his chrono up to the light to check the time. All but one of the squads had checked in. None of the PDF squads were ever on time. They either got lost and were late or didn’t bother doing the patrol properly and came back early. Corporal Roan Kievlet was now well over due. Roan Kievlet too wild to wild to work in civey street and to undisciplined to be any good in the PDF. Given a bit of time Corporal Roan Kievlet would be more than capable of turning his boys into a right pack of useless jokers. Bronso moved to the front of the Gak pit as this outpost had been unofficially designated. "Sir" said Bronso "squad Kievlet hasn't reported in yet".

Lieutenant Johna Purvis pushed his glasses back onto his nose for the fortieth time in the last hour before returning his attention to his book. He then leaned back in his almost comfortable chair, took a sip of his PDF issue caff, grimaced and said "What do you mean Kievlet hasn't reported in yet"?

"Sir, Kievlet has not reported in yet. I have tried the comms but there is no answer" replied a rather tired looking Bronso. If only I was out there rather than stuck back here baby sitting this useless Gak. Captain Rougriss, now there was a leader of men Bronso thought. Sometimes it was nice to remember the old times, before that last assault.

"Well Bronso, how late are they"? Replied Purvis, looking rather pleased at interrupting Bronsos' little day dream "It is difficult out here you know. Cant expect people to be on time in this weather".

Bronso turned his head and made a show of scanning the tree line so Purvis couldn’t see him rolling his eyes. Purvis had no idea how a platoon should be run. As senior non-comm he'd tried teaching the well educated Purvis about the realities of proper soldiering. How fools like Roan got men killed in war, but Purvis usually ignored his advice and looked forward to hearing about the latest prank the joker Roan had played. Bronso often wondered what Purvis had learned in officer training, because he hadn't seen any sign of Purvis being a solider.
"Sir, Corporal Kievlets' squad is over an hour late. I would recommend we call this into the Captain and send out a patrol to try and ascertain what has happened too them".
That’s what Rougriss would have done.

Lieutenant Purvis shook his head and pushed his glasses back up his nose "Are you crazy Bronso, look at that rain out there" Purvis sniffs and wipes his nose. "The men wouldn't thank me for it & Captain Viswald would wonder why I don't even know where my own men are, and he'll question why on earth Roan is in charge of a squad, no, no , no that wont do at all". Purvis looks up at the cammo netting and rubs his cleanly shaven chin looking deeply worried.

After a great night drinking with Roan he'd made the man squad leader and moved Bronso into his HQ. He'd regretted both moves ever since. The problem was Johna Purvis didn't want to be here. PDF service was a must if you ever wanted to move into politics. All Purvis ever wanted was to serve his 4 years, make a few connections, take his pension and run for local office. Now 9 months into his service and Orks on the rise again, 4 years seemed like an awful long time away.

Then Lieutenant Purvis looked up looking rather pleased with himself "Bronso".

"Sir" came the ever quick reply.

"Why don’t you find a couple of volunteers and take a walk" said Purvis.

Bronsos' back straightened and he almost smiled "Sir, yes, sir" this is more like it.

As Bronso dashed out of the outpost Purvis calls out "oh Bronso" Bronso stops so fast he almost falls over, bringing a smile to the Lieutenants face "You and I know full well that Roan wont have completed his patrol. He never does them properly and usually takes short cuts. Start where he was suppose to finish and make sure he's sober when he comes back".

"Sir, yes sir".

Lieutenant Johna Purvis relaxed back into his chair, pushed his glasses back onto his nose and felt very pleased with himself. He'd made a command decision, a good one he'd wager. And to top it off Sergeant Bronso was going to be away for a while. Now Lieutenant Purvis felt like he is in charge for once. 'I must be a proper officer now' thought Purvis as he leant back in his chair and drifted to sleep.

Part 3

The food was good thought Axnaz. These humies were fat, did little exercise and were fresh kills. Raw or cooked they tasted just as good.

"Oi" yelled Axnaz "Ya save da leg bits for da boss". Axnaz runs his forearm across his chin, wiping away some of the blood and juices. "Its is favorit bit".

Most of the boys made a show of leaving the legs alone. Lyncha didn't. Axnaz half glanced at Gorok who was just getting up and stretching.

Gorok growled at Lyncha "Gis us the stinkin legs, be for I kicks your teeth in".

Lyncha stands up and levels his shoota at Gorok. After looking around at the boys present seeing that they weren't going to jump him, he took a great big bite out of the leg he was holding then he opened fire.

Now Ork guns are loud. They fire solid shots that kick like a hungry squigoth with a headache. Gorok Gorz charged as the first shot was fired. A bullet hit his helmet taking it clean off. Another hit his chest, but was stopped by his armour. The third struck his choppa sending it flying out of hand. Then he leapt 7 ft, clearing the camp fire pulling his arm back swinging it forward striking Lyncha whilst still in mid-air.

Lyncha flew backwards as the shear force and momentum sent him off his feet. He rolled as he landed so that he was on one knee. He brought his head up just in time for Goroks steel toe capped boots to kick him square in the jaw. Life went black. Lyncha could tell he was lying on his back. Just as he opened his eyes he could see Goroks' fist getting bigger and bigger and blackness again.

Gorok Gorz beat Lynchas' face till his Lynchas' nose was level with the ground. As Goroks' body regeistered what he had done, Gorok felt the urge to carry on. He was coated in blood across his face, chest and all up his arms the stink of it was overwhelming and fantastic. His muscles pulse with Orkish bio chemistry. His reward from the Ork gods Gork & Mork for fighting was to become bigger,stronger. Each Ork in the mob was touched by this sight in a different way, though they all saw the same message.

Gork Gorz is Boss.

"Git upz yer lazy grot fiddlerz wez moving out now. Axnaz"!

Axnaz was smiling from ear to ear. He loved seeing his best mate in action. He gave Gorok a nod to show he was paying attention.

"iz dat humie alive yet" said Gorok as he bent down to retrieve his wargear.

"Na, sorry mate" Axnaz made a show of looking sheepish "must have hit em too ard. So wat wi guna do know? Keep headin down stream or wat"?

Gorok took pause to think about this. He was going to question the human, but since he was dead there was little point. Faznock probably could track where these humans had come from so that was a good option. Something deep within Gorok said that he needed to double back on himself. Heading back towards those Space Marines and tanks didn’t seem like a good idea, but something was pulling him back that way.

After fighting, Orks often feel and sense things more clearly. Gorok just knew that heading back was what he had to do. He was about to say this to Axnaz when the boyz started laughing. Gorok turned round to see what was so funny.

Young Zorbek had cut away what was left of Lynchas' head and picked up the dead body. He'd started to pull faces and wave at everyone using Lynchas' lifeless hand. The way the hand flopped about together with the kicking out of the legs made it look like Lyncha was dancing.

Gorok aloud himself a chuckle. The rain was all ready washing his body of Lyncha's blood and he could feel his skin itch on his head and hands where the scars were starting to heal up. With a shake of the head to clear his senses and flick away some of the rain Gorok starts walking back into the woods the way they just came.

The rest of the boys realise that its time to stop prating around, grad their gear and go.

Zorbek drops casually drops Lyncha and the corpse lands next too the body of the unconscious Roan "Why do ya tink we'z going dis way"? Asks young Zorbek in a low voice to the boys nearest to him.

SMACK - Axnaz cuffs young Zorbek round the head "when you'z been in sum propa fightin, da godz speak to ya real clear" Axnaz says in his best educational voice "Gorok, is a lucky un. Da Godz speak real good to em".

With a look of wonder Zorbek nods. When an old hand like Axnaz speaks, you listen. "Do ya tink do Godz can speak to me one day"?

Axnaz smiles "Only if your as good at fightin as you are dancin" with that each boy in ear shot starts laughing.

Zorbek grins and head out into the night after his Boss.

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Re: The Rise of Gorok Gorz

Postby IBBoard at 01 Aug 2009, 08:06

Welcome back to the forums. Now that we're nearly done with our kitchen and I can get on the computer again I'll try to get this read (and the other story that someone posted) and get them both up on the site soon :) I'll also see if I can re-assign your old posts to your new account.
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Re: The Rise of Gorok Gorz

Postby KevFrancomb at 03 Aug 2009, 10:02

Thats cool. The above draft is the first draft. Just trying to get the feel for the story again. With some feedback I can bulk out bits (like the fight) and flesh out the characters. Also grammer is not my friend.