Purgatory’s Shadow: Exodium II


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Purgatory’s Shadow: Exodium II

Postby Hulls Raven at 30 Jun 2008, 11:33

Purgatory’s Shadow

When the evil emerges It will be hidden by the light of fire

+++Inquisitorial Records.+++
+++Level Ebony Clearance.+++

+++52 Years ago +++
+++On The Arctic Planet Of Kylle+++

Captain Lykran watched in horror as Both the child and Syakotus fell to their deaths in the coldness of the icy water. He watch how the Crimson Fist Captain Syakotus kept a firm grip hugging the child close to his chest until both were fully consumed by the icy water. He then looked up to see the Emperors Children slowly emerge from the tree line. It was also at that moment he saw or rather witnessed something amazing his attention was drawn by more bolter fire chatting from within the woods Lykran watched in amazement The Emperors Children fell to their deaths the onslaught was quick and without remorse and over within seconds, all had been slain. Then he watched a hooded figure emerged from the tree line. The warrior looked like an Astartes himself with a cloak covering the centre of his body, and a hood covering his face. Yet the ceramite of his legs and arms were coloured black and decorated with flames and human bones pasted to the front of his legs.
One thing Lykran did notice was for a fleeting moment he saw the warriors eyes glow yellow, and then the warrior bowed his head in acknowledgement of the Deathwatch Captain.
Lykran returned the favour watching the warrior watching him clenching some kind of staff in his hand.

The Gun Cutter began to rise up from the lake and into the gentle snow falling sky yet Lykran kept his gaze on the strange hooded figure for as long as he could.

“Who or what was that.” Asked Merrik.

Lykran didn’t answer keeping his gaze on the now distant woods until he had to close the hatch once the Cutter entered higher orbit of Kylle moments before its main thrusters opened up.
Segeant Ivan of the Ultramarines approached both Lykran and the Karskin sergeant Merrik.

"I've seen them before. They come and kill the Imperial enemies then as quickly as they arrived they disappear leaving no trace. And that'll explain the unusual fusion trail." Ivan explained to the Karskin.

"Consider yourself lucky today that you lived to witness them." Ivan finished.

Lykran entered the cockpit of the Gun Cutter. “We need to go to New Ryans World before we go anywhere else.”

Lorian looked up. “Why there.”

“Because what I have witnessed today must be told to Chapter Master Pedro Kantor himself. For the deed of Syakotus has proved his loyalty and has earned him his forgiveness and brought honour to the Crimson Fists.” Lykran explained with a stern tone to his voice.
“Jefferson set course for Kylle.” ++++++++++

+++52 Years Ago+++
+++Black Legion Aboard Ancient Hulk Exordium+++

“We are about to engage a Grey Knight fleet my lord.” Ectar announced looking up from his console.

“They have not detected us either, hmmm perhaps there is some sort of psychic shield built within the bulkheads of the Exordium my Lord.” Arumik explained, while watching the enormous fleet begin to come into view.
Kraken stood from his seat with one leg bent forward glimpsing the fleet they approached. A smile spread across his face with the wonders of power at his command.

“You do realise we can cloak this vessel don’t you Lord Kraken.” Jovik sniggered entering the bridge bathed in the low blue light lit up some of the shadows.

Lord Kraken stared endlessly out of the gigantic window looking on the Grey Knight fleet drifting above the planet Kytunious 9x3.

“Go to cloak Ectar. Jovik prepare the forward cannons. We can destroy them before they even know what will hit them.” Kraken laughed and he laughed loudly, his laughter was then echoed by his bridge crew laughing with him.+++++++

+++52 Years ago +++
+++On the arctic Planet Of Kylle+++

Rex the white Husky slowly walked across the iced lake sniffing each step he took until he reached the centre his fury white coat covered in a layer of snow from the gentle fall of flakes drifting down peacefully hovering before landing.
There he looked into a clear ice window and looked down to see both Syakotus and Anuska at peace and huddled together.
The distant sound of Howling echoed from the woods behind him. He looked to see five wolves appear from the trees all howling to him. He howled back and took one last look at Syakotus and Anuska through the clear ice window, and then turned towards the wolves and entered the woods with them.++++++++

Two Years ago
Sector Delphus

Captain Calicus stood on the bridge of his ship at his stand above his bridge crew of Naval officers and Servitors. Down below were the two adaptus Mechanicus serfs plugged into the Ave Dementia talking to the machine spirit easing it with some kind of Ommnissar prayer’s. Commander Dorson occasionally looked up from his console to check the crew were working their systems correctly. Calicus rubbed his chin easing his fingers through his stubble looking across the darkly lit bridge himself. Two days he’d been patrolling the Boras Borders logging comets and other small activities not worthy of his experience.

Calicus looked down at the soft chime of his Vox channel beeping breaking the silence of the bridge. It was his Navigator.

“Captain you should know I have heard an echo.”

Calicus looked down at the consol and picked up the private Vox channel holder.

“What do you mean Duvvon.” He said.

But before Duvvon could reply a light lit up the darkness of the bridge forcing Calicus and his crew to momentarily shield their eyes.

“I believe my echo has been revealed.” Duvvon finished.

Calicus looked up at the large window which looked out across the stars, he stood surprised to witness what appeared to be a tear in the very fabric of Space. It was times like this Calicus remembered why he hated those that could look upon the warp.

“Captain The Holy Diablo has reported another vessel signature.” Dorson said looking up at the tear for himself.

The crew watched a tear become a large hole opening up with a more intense light becoming brighter and then darker followed by a strike of lightening emerge and hit the side of the holy Diablo across the port side.

“What the hell is that abomination.” Commander Dorson muttered allowed.

“Send a signal to the main fleet. Tell them we’re going to need assistance with immediate effect.” Calicus ordered looking across at his Com officer.

The Comm. officer looked up from his consol with a face whiter than paper and lips as grey as stone.

“Sir I can’t get a long ranged signal.” He said barely able to hide the shake in his voice.

Calicus looked down at the young ensign and back at the view before them.

“Launch a buoy distress.” He then said still watching the tear outside.

“Man At arms ready forward batteries and have shield capability at one hundred percent.”

“I sir.” Came the stoic reply.

Looking on at the large Hulk that drifted slowly from the hole towards his frigate the Ave Dementia.
The sheer size was admirable if anything and the sight also filled Calicus’s stomach with a tingle of fear. He bit the effort to vomit down. After all he was ship Captain and should not show his fear before his subordinates, despite the tears of sweat appear at his forehead.

“Captain you should begin a withdrawal.” Duvvon suddenly spoke out through the vox line.

“Begin a reversal of our main engines. But move us back slowly lets not antagonise that bastard. Just in case.” Calicus took a deep gulp.

“We’re certainly in no state to take that thing on.” Dorson added.

Calicus nodded and turned to the con officer.

“Mr Roddle will you take the wheel and steer us slowly on a vector back to a safe setting.” Dorson said softly.

“I, I sir.”

Another streak of lighten emerged from the large hole and slammed across the bow of the Holy Diablo again, only this time the strike ripped the Holy Diablos hull apart and creating a burst of flames which began back drafting their way to the inner levels of the vessel. Calicus and Dorson with most of the Bridge crew watched in horror their fellow frigate and crew ripped apart and disintegrated across the darkness, leaving only smouldering chunks of metal and bulkheads to drift endlessly.

“Report.” Calicus ordered looking down at his adepts below his stand after witnessing the event.

“Sir the Rebound she’s breached I’ve received reports of explosions all across her decks. Commander Elliot claims the bridge is in flames and they cannot maintain control.”

“She’s dead in space boy.” Dorson bellowed out while they watched two more streaks of lightening emerge from the hole and disintegrate the Rebound in a ball of flames.

“Sir.” Another of the crew called out.

“Yes girl what is it.” Calicus replied.

“Look sir look.” The young female ensign bellowed across the bridge.

The Captain watched the vessel fully form in the known darkness that surrounded them and watched in sheer horror as the vessel looked to be turning to face his frigate. Followed by three other ships. Then he realised the other three were attacking the larger hulk, firing forward cannons and missiles into the thing. He looked on to see the three attacking vessels were not Imperial nor Xenos but more the mark of fear. The ships seemed to be coloured blue with streaks of lightening pasted to their hulls. And with that he noticed the Bat wing shaped icons across their fronts. Suddenly the larger vessel broke free from the tear and turned towards the Ave Dementia.

“Open fire on that thing before it takes us out.” Suddenly Calicus was thrown from his feet from a shock that had rocked the Ave Dementia throwing himself and his crew to the floor. A Second later the Bridge ignited in an array of flames dancing across the floor. Followed by bouts of smoke and falling pipes from over head.
Calicus rose back to his feet.

“Open fire.” He bellowed above the screeching of the alarms.

A second shockwave through the crew from their feet followed by more of the ceiling crashing down onto the bridge crew. Calicus watched as a large pipe came down and pierce its way through Commander Dorson’s stomach and burst out of his back with a piece of his spine.

“Dammit get us out of here.” Calicus bellowed without thinking to hide the fear in his tone.

At that moment he then looked out and read the word on the side of the Moving Space Hulk.

“Oh my holy Emperor save us.” He muttered, moments before a final strike of lightening took his ship the Ave Dementia apart, leaving the one word etched on his retinas before he died with the final explosion. That word was Exordium.

Three Months Ago
Secundas Prime Of The Scintillian Sector

Four tall hooded figures covered by black sackcloth cloaks walked slowly through the long halls of the main Cathedral followed by tall shadows that hung behind from the bright light outside shining through the windows. The four were covered from head to foot their faces hidden from the shadows of their hoods, the cloaks drooped down to their feet with a slight trail from the rear as they slowly walked. The hall was long with large tall pillars reaching up to the tall arched ceiling above. The floor was made from a light cream marble. Across each side large arched windows let in the light that beamed across the floor. Each of the windows had a mosaic of angels and saint’s decorated across the glass.

The cloaked stranger that led the group passed each window looking on with a disinterest until he reached the far end of the long and narrow hallway. Two large metal doors lay open leading into a larger more dense hall filled with balcony’s and row up on row of book shelves. The doors had Librarium Secundas written across the sides

The leader entered and stepped onto a golden coloured lift that took him and his three companions up to the highest balcony. Once at the top they exited the lift and slowly walked in unison to the far end. The leader was interested in the history section. Once there he stopped and glanced at the dust covered folded charts. He reached for one with his hand reveal a dark red armoured fist, and pulled the thick roll from the shelf. He turned to a table by the banister and laid the roll in the centre then opened it out spreading the star chart across the table He bent forwards to blow the dust away then looked closely at the chart leaving both his dark red armoured hands pressed down on the edges of the chart.

From behind the four a small man appeared dressed in a green silk gown with a face of mature years. He adjusted the specs over his eyes to look at the four cloaked strangers.
In return he felt their eyes looking back at him with faces hidden under their black hoods.

“Can I be of assistance to you gentlemen?” The man asked.

“We don’t usually get your types in here.” He furthered the conversation by adjusting his glasses again and wiping the brow of his puffed out face.

“We have found what it is we are looking for. Your assistance is not required.” The leader replied in an emotionless voice.

“You do realise you cannot remove any of the charts from the Librarium Secundas don’t you.” The adept explained.

“Because of their age they tend to be delicate and its ruled they are to remain within these walls.”

“I’m afraid to say we’ll be taking this particular chart with us it’s important in aiding ourselves to a place in that particular region.” The leader replied.

“What? No, no you cannot remove the charts from here. They are far too old to be allowed to leave the Librarium Secundas let alone off world.” The adept stopped and thought for a second.

The leader turned away from the shelf to look down from the balcony; they were rather high and close to the arched ceiling. He moved back from the edge and began to pass the adept followed by his three companions.

“I say again you cannot remove the workings from this Librarium. You may only glimpse it within this domain.” The adept said again, while wiping his chubby cheeks.

The leader stopped and turned back to the tubby man so as he could lean forwards and did so, forcing the Adept to back off slightly as he placed his hooded face into the adepts. The chubby adept went white once he caught a glimpse of the tall mans face of pale flesh with blood shot eyes.

“I will say this only once little man. This chart is to accompany us. You will not halt our departure. Accept my word we will slay any who oppose us and This I give my word by the name of the Emperor.” The leader said through gritted teeth.

The Adept squeamed at the voice that spoke to him. But also knew that theft was theft. So with due effect he removed a small communicator from his silk robe.

“Security to lock 22567 Alpha C. We have a thief and associates trying to remove a book from our history workings.” The adept said speaking through the small com box.

The Leader reached a hand out and grabbed the fat little man by the neck and yanked him from his feet. He then continued to lift him above the balcony. The adept began to thrash his small legs about.

“Wha…t are you doing. This is treachery.” He mumbled through the tight grip.

The leader released his hold of the adept’s neck and watched the fat little man scream to his death on the marble floor below.

From below an armed guard looked up at the four hooded intruders.

“You there. Stop.”

The four companions ignored the man and began to move off venturing back to the golden lift and descended to the ground below to be greeted by armed guards holding Auto pistols out straight and pointed at their heads.
the four strangers revealed their bolt pistols and their dark red armoured hands holding them and opened fire on the guards killing them within seconds. Not one guard had been able to fire a single shot. The strangers went to exit the Librarium Secundas. Followed by more Librarium guards in tow who we still firing their guns towards the Librarium exit.

The leader removed a vox box from beneath his black sackcloth cloak.

“Captain Lyon here. We require teleportation.”

Within the blink of an eye the four cloaked strangers were gone leaving more guards with auto pistols held out aiming at nothing.
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Re: Purgatory’s Shadow: Exodium II

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Chapter One
Cometh The Darkness.
At every corner of the known galaxy there is darkness waiting
The question of that darkness is who controls the events to unfold.

The Planet New Bern
Present Day Date 049.955.M41

Inquisitor Ivan McGregor stood on the cliffs looking down at the green valley below with the wind blowing through him, leaving a relaxing chill across his face. His long black leather coat flapped back and fourth with each guzzle, occasionally revealing the Bolt pistol holstered at his hip. Across the back of his coat the I symbol had been painted in red with a skull over the centre. And his long sword hung strapped to the back in its golden scabbard. McGregor’s hair was short and spiked on top and completely shaven across the back and sides. His skin was smooth giving him the appearance of a man in his early forties. Yet his bright blue eyes told he was much older than forty.

The sky was bright blue with few clouds, and the sun shone high as though it was a beacon in the light. Behind the Inquisitor stood Magna attired in a black leather body glove tightly fit to her perfect body. Two blades lay sheathed in their silver scabbards across her back. She was bold apart from a long red haired pony tail tied tightly in a lock at the top her scalp. Her face was that of a women in her late twenties. Behind her two men stood holding their combat shotguns one handed barrels facing the floor Both were attired in long coats black and drooping down to their feet. The one with short hair Troy was the younger he also wore the symbol of the Inquisition across his shoulders Tory was an Interrogator. The other was an ex guard veteran and older Dillon aged in his mid forties. Behind them stood another warrior armed in camouflaged clothing and held a long sniper Rifle. The mans name was Lucas he was a sniper born on Catachan and damned good with a long ranged gun. He wore green paint across his face with black stripes running down.

McGregor turned to face his companions taking his bolt pistol from the holster at his hip.
“Lucas take up a spotter position and cover our trail. Shall we.” He said gesturing to his team.

Lucas took up position behind a group of small rocks and gently rested his old but reliable long las and peered down the scope.

McGregor led the other three down the cliffs and into the green fields that lay a head of them. The four walked slowly with the assassin Magna walking at McGregors side the other two slowly strolled behind shot gun barrels facing the ground as they walked with their coats flapping up and down in the wind. After a while McGregor stopped and took put his scope to glimpse ahead. The digital reader scanned the area they were headed and revealed nothing other than small rodents. And a series of tree’s ahead. The group set off towards the trees and slowly strode through them.

“It’s a good day today Magna.” He said turning slightly towards the young assassin.

Magna didn’t reply she just smiled as she followed the Inquisitor through the trees and into the long grass at the other end of the small woods. The grass was waist high and morphed like an ocean under the power of the wind. Troy stepped up to the Inquisitors side once he’d stopped again. The group to a glimpse of five figures ahead. Troy removed the auspex from his long coat and took a reading.

Suddenly and without warning a volley of bolter shells flew past the group forcing them to drop to their knees using the long grass for cover. Dillon slowly crept forwards holding his shot gun aimed forwards to attack the first target. Magna the assassin drifted off out of site from the group within the grass.

“Mercenaries?” Troy questioned.

“Not with that fire power. Bolter rounds plus look at their size.” McGregor explained while remaining hidden.

“Then Astartes.” Troy grimaced.

McGregor took the hilt of his power sword and switched the energy of the blade on waiting for the attackers to close in on his position.

Magna was the first to engage the giants. She reappeared from behind the last both blades drawn leaping high into the air. The blue armoured warrior turned to acknowledge her turning about with his bolter. Magna’s foot slammed hard into the bare face of the warrior knocking his head back. As she came back down Magna brought her first blade to bare slicing through the blue armoured warriors neck forcing him to bend forwards from pain she landed both feet down bringing her second blade about and sliced through the giants neck decapitating his helmed head from the shoulders. The warriors headless body dropped to the knees with a fountain of black and red blood spraying across the grass. Magna disappeared as fast as she’d appeared.

Both Troy and Dillon rose to height from the grass pausing a moment to glimpse their attackers. The four remaining warriors were wearing a dark blue armour with lightening painted across the blue. Two of them were helmless revealing the sheet white skin and black beady eyes. The two also had shaven heads apart from the long red haired ponytails tied at their tops centre.

Dillon was the first to fire three shots burst from his shotgun leaving a ringing tingle running through his ears from the sound. The shots impacted across the first ones shoulder forcing his to stumble back. Troy followed suit and fired at the next hitting him square on in the chest. The remaining two took aim and fired. But Troy and Dillon had dropped below the grass again. The first wounded one took a firm hold of his chain axe and swung it through the grass knocking Dillon from his feet. The warrior glimpsed his chance and took the axe with both hands above his head and swung down towards Dillon. McGregor swung his power sword out blocking the axe from slaying his companion.

Using all his strength McGregor forced the brute back and plunged the blade through the warriors face splitting the bare headed giants skull into two.
Troy rose up and took another shot at the warrior he’d wounded then dashed through the grass dodging the bolter fire from the other two Traitor Astartes as he ran. Dropping down to face the downed Astartes he placed his shot gun into the helmed face and pulled the trigger back. The warriors helmet split apart and the fleshed head behind combust into a shower of flesh and bone. Troy turned to witness another close in to his position bolter aimed at his face. Thankfully to his relief Magna has also predicted the warriors movement and snuck up from behind and decapitated him. The remaining warrior turned his gun on Magna watching as she turned to face him, he smiled. She knew the same as he did. Her time was up. Magna closed her eyes and braced for death, she head the shot and waited for the impact. After a few seconds she realised it wasn’t coming. Opening her eyes she watched the Traitor Astartes drop face down with the back of his bare head missing.

“Keep smiling pretty.” Lucas said speaking through the com bead in her ear. She looked up towards the cliffs and smiled for the sniper.

Troy helped Dillon to his feet and turned to face McGregor.

“Any clue as to who they were.” He asked.

McGregor sheathed his sword switching the power energy off then holstered his Bolt pistol.

“Yeah by their markings I’d say they were Night Lords. And their numbers would suggest this was only a mere scouting party. I suggest we make a swift withdrawal it won’t be long before they’re missed. And I think its time we called in for some serious back up before continuing with our Investigation here.” McGregor said.

“I assume we’ve come to a conclusion with our investigation here.” Troyed asked reloading his shotgun.

McGregor smiled.

He tapped the comm. bead in his ear. “Banda have the cutter pick us up asap would you.”

The Inquisitor turned back to face the long field ahead.

“I think we can Troy since we’ve discovered a force of Night Lords here its only fair to say the Exorium won’t be far behind. But its pointless continuing without further aide.”

“Do you have anyone in mind Inquisitor?” Troy asked.

“Yes I do Admiral Carson whom I believe is still stationed in this very sector. And I think it’s time we called in Captain Tiberius and a Deathwatch team.”

Three Days Later. Date 052.955.M41
Orbit Of Planet New Bern

Fleet Admiral Joseph Carson stood alone in his private and luxurious quarters by his large window, though the lighting in the room was low leaving barely a dot of bright; he still made out his reflection looking straight back at himself. In his hand he held a fine glass of amesac, a delicacy he rather enjoyed. He admired his handsome features a men of good years yet his face retained his good looks. He wore his Dark Blue Uniform with pride, and admired his golden collar and should pads with their red tassels drooping down. His belt had been fastened tight keeping his muscular features in tact. The belt was thick and held a holster Plasma Pistol made from a golden metal.
Hanging from his straight lips balancing lightly was his half smoke cigar, another luxury he enjoyed, a ranks privilege.
Looking past the reflection Carson stirred endlessly at the planet New Bern with such curiosity.

New Bern once held a high population and a well fortified station and planetary defence system. Casrson’s small flotilla had arrived just over two hours ago by the request of the Inquisition and which in itself was an order that could not be ignored. What was once the defence system drifted in fragments destroyed and lifeless. And yet here he was looking down at the empty globe below. He’d been ordered to remain hidden by the third moon orbiting New bern until the arrival of an Inquisitor and told New bern was under investigation three days ago. Still he waited wondering why this had happened, there had been no sign of Xenos activity in the area nor had there been any unusual warp energy logged around the planet.

Carson took another sip of his fine amesac and puffed on his large cigar, letting the smoke drift across his quarters leaving that taste and scent of tobacco lingering.
His attention was suddenly broke by the chimes of his Com ringing disturbing his silence. He took another puff of smoke placed his glass at his tables edge and answered the Wall mounted Com.

“Speak.” He said.

“Sir the Maelstrom is approaching. We’ve received a communiqué that Inquisitor McGregor wishes to board the Harbinger. Sir shall I grant that request.” Came the reply.

“Yes of course. Send my regards and escort the Inquisitor to my private briefing room would you, once he boards.” Carson explained then switched the Com off.

He took another puff of tobacco then stubbed the fat cigar out in his glass. The cigar went out with a slight sizzle.


Admiral Carson sat at the far end of his long oak wooded Conference table centred in the Admirals command Briefing room. The chairs were cushioned with a black leather dull to the eye yet comfortable enough to snooze away in. Across the right wall was the long window that stretched from the doorway to the rooms other exit. Carson often liked sitting alone in the dark room looking on at the stars or nearby planets and their moons. Today however his view was that of the Inquisitorial Cruiser Maelstrom. The vessel had few lights and fewer decorations with the exception of the giant “I” Symbol across the front hull.
Carson looked up at the low blue lights that barely illuminated the long briefing room. At the narrow tables centre stood the Admirals finest wines with a series of crystal glasses.
Carson heard the hiss of the tall metallic doors opening. He rose to his feet to greet the Inquisitor. As the door opened he felt slight tremors on the ground from behind his guest.

The Inquisitor was attired in a long black leather coat with the “I” symbol painted across the back. The agent’s shoulders were covered in small shoulder pads coloured gold. Just below his neck line he wore his Inquisitorial “I” rosette with pride. Over his short to shaven hair he wore a black trilby with a skull and cross buckled to the centre. Carson noted the golden bolt pistol at the mains hip nicely holstered in a suede casing.
Behind the Inquisitor a women in a black leather body glove followed her curves were perfect and desirable the Admiral mused to himself. Her face was one of a young woman. She wore a long red ponytail tied tightly and platted neatly at the centre of her cleanly shaven scalp. Behind her another approached only this warrior made the ground tremble slightly with each step. Carson stepped back once he’d recognised the size of an Astartes warrior.

The giant was attired in his plate armour coloured black with his left arm coloured a dark metallic silver. The warrior if anything was intimidating to look up on. He wore his helmet letting the yellow glow from his forbidding eyes. But it was the symbol that created the wrenching through the admirals stomach. Across his right shoulder pad a set of wings with a single drop of blood pasted over a red background told the Admiral this warrior was of the Blood Angels.

“Don’t be afraid of Tiberius Admiral he’s rather content. Well he is as long as your no Xenos.” Inquisitor McGregor laughed gesturing the Admiral to take his own seat again.

The warrior stood by the door and yet still the Admiral felt those yellow eyes glaring at him constantly.

“Admiral we’ve much to discuss. Do you mind.” McGregor said taking a cup of wine for himself and pouring one for the Admiral.

“Yes, yes of course. Can I ask what it is you intend to find here.” Carson asked taking a sip of his wine.

“It’s not a matter of what I intend to find more of what my investigation has led me to discover.” McGregor explained.

Carson noticed the young lustrous woman stood firmly behind the Inquisitor, she stood motionless and expressionless.

“I see. And what is it you want from my battle cruiser?” Carson asked, taking another swig of his fine wine.

McGregor also took a sip and then swelled the blue liquid around the glass, he always loved that warm feeling that soothed its way down his throat.

“Well Admiral my investigation brings me to what I’m beginning to suspect and you’ll most likely be engaged in a bloody battle. However. For the moment Your presence here is mainly to remain in orbit. My Deathwatch need no assistance from yourself. I’ve discovered that New Bern is harbouring the traitor Astartes Night Lords” McGregor explained with a slight of a thrown across his face.

“I see Have they not detected yourself in the time you’ve been here.” Carson replied.

“Not as I can recall we vacated New bern three days ago and have laid wait of the first moon.” McGregor returned, while rising to his feet.

“I’ll return shortly Admiral for the time been keep your sensors scanning for more arrivals non Imperial should anything approach New bern your orders are to engage with full force of aggression.” He finally said before exiting from the room.

Carson watched the three leave with a sigh of relief he finished his blue wine. And slouched back into the comfort of his seat and swivelled to face the stars outside.


“Have you a team ready Captain Tiberius?” McGregor asked as the three of them returned to the small shuttle to return back to the Maelstrom.

“I have Inquisitor. We are ready for immediate departure.” Tiberius said with a deep and dark tone.
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Due To Cut Backs The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Will Now Be Switched Off

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Re: Purgatory’s Shadow: Exodium II

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Chapter 2
Only the The Ferral Beast can draw strength from the inner sanctum of his Knowledge

Two Hours Later. Date 052.955.M41
Planet New Bern

The two Thunderhawks descended from the grey sky both vessels slowly flew over the wastes that once made the capital city Myrade. The flames burnt high up, and many of the buildings were reduced to rubble. The wind blew the flames across the city liking running water from a waterfall. The ground had been ripped apart from massive explosions proberly caused by orbital weapons. The thought that there maybe Survivors was a possibility. Both vessels slowly flew towards the city’s centre to discover large crater holes that had disintegrated everything. Smoke blew up high from the craters. Both thunderhawks began to move their way past the high rise of flames and the fog of drifting black smoke, and started making their way past into the outskirts of the death filled city of Myrade.

Captain Tiberius stood in the cockpit behind the two pilots Kortec the Raven Guard and Soric Reviler looking in sheer horror at the site of still burning bodies that lay across the empty roads leading out from Myrade.
“What the hell did this?” Soric muttered under his breath.
“Chaos.” Snarled Tiberius

The two pilots tilted the nose of the deathwatch thunderhawk to face down, in an attempt to take a closer look. The closer they got the more cracks they noticed within the ground. It was as though something so powerful had shaken the ground apart it had forced a multiple of earthquakes. Some of the trees still burnt with raging flames and others were just smouldering.
Soric removed his helm and brushed back his long wavy hair from his dark skinned face he always preferred to see death through his own green eyes rather than his helms. And this time was no exception to his feelings. It was the word chaos which also tensed his muscles to irritation.
Tiberius placed a black armoured hand across the seats head tilting with the vessel and looking on in ore at the death below. From this murder he felt a passion brace both his hearts knowing today would be time to reap vengeance. He also removed his helm but not because he felt his own eyes were better but because he never liked wearing his armour. His long black hair dropped down to his back.
“Today we will reap vengeance for them Brother. This I promise.” He said speaking in a monotone voice.

Both vessels moved away from Myrade and across the hills which became mountains and then hills again. Both Thunderhawks descended more leaving a trail of black smoke vomiting out from their aft engines while they sped across the sky.
Both crews felt the shudder of metal as the wind blew around the speeding thunderhawks forcing them to rock from side to side.
“There to woodlands that’s where McGregor said. Put us down just there.” Tiberius said.

Tiberius watched the other black thunderhawk descend into the long grassed field, watching their thrusters cut out and then touch down, kicking up a fog of dust and gravel in its wake flattering the grass surrounding the vessel in a wide circle. Still watching Squad Riker disembark slowly walking down the now open ramp and onto the field. Tiberius admired the precision and skill in which they moved keeping bolters trained forwards readying for sudden assault with eyes sharp. Tiberius had utter repect for Riker after all he was a fellow of the same geneseed. Only different chapter Blood Drinker.

Tiberius watched the thunderhawk ramp open, letting in the dust from outside followed by the grizzly wind howling through the hatch.
Watching one by one his brother Deathwatch marines rose to their feet and leave the thunderhawk.
The sound of the pistons grinding throughout the whole vessel echoed for a moment, before they came to a halt. The Blood Angel Captain felt the whole craft come to a stand still.
For a second everything went quiet. Then the sound of the wind rose above all else.
He checked the magazine for his bolter was fixed in place then slowly adjusted a gas tube for the flamer compartment of his crafted combi. Sheathing his jagged Powersword at his waist, and firmly fixing into place Tiberius began to step down the lowered Ramp with eyes sharp and his combi aimed forwards for instant assault should the situation arise.

“Riker take your team on point, McGregor said the compound was ahead of that woodland. We’ll follow.” Tiberius ordered.

“As you wish.” Riker replied.
Taking his bolter with a firm grip the Blood Drinker Sergeant then pointed to another, Yetsin the White Spirit to take quad point. Yetsin lit the pyro of his flamer and entered the woodland.

Tiberius turned back to his kill team.
“OK Hiyoma bring up our rear since you’re the heavy the support will come in handy.”
Hiyoma waited watching Tiberius’s team disappear in the tree line before he followed, the silver skull kept a vigil and lugged his heavy bolter into the trees.

Both squads stopped momentarily from the sound of the howling wind picking up and running through the trees with a sudden and abrupt encounter.
“Great the heebee geebees now.” Arkio whispered into Pech’s ear.

Pieces of wood chip and dust lifted from the ground and blew across Rikers legs with the howling wind.
Riker smiled pointing his bolter forwards he began to circle the tree line looking for possible targets. Nothing.
“Tolic move up. Arkio spread wide Pech opposite side. We’ve got company and its time we let them know we’re no push over.” Riker said speaking through the com box within his helm.

“Eyes. Sharp Brothers.” Riker added.

A volley of gun fire spread through the trees knocking branches down and turning others to dust while more bolt shells thudded into the trunks of the trees.
Yetsin dropped to one knee and ignited the flamer thrower with fury spreading volley’s of flames through the trees igniting the wood into a fury of its own.
Riker moved swiftly to the edge of the woods bolter still aimed ahead and followed by Toric who also kept his aim. More gun chatter sprayed through the woods this time taking Yetsin in a hail of shells creating a blood bath that non could have hope to survive.
Yetsin dropped heavily to the ground his flamer still spewing flamers only once the weapon landed into the tall grass it spun facing the Deathwatch team and covered Pech in molten flames.

“NO.” Arkio bellowed racing between trees dodging the hail of bolter fire.
Pech rolled through the small bushes trying to dampen the flames, yet it was the gun chatter that took his life away.
Arkio dropped with his back to the closest tree holding his bolter in a tight grip he emerged with his finger pressed on the trigger and the gun spraying on full auto a hail of hot chatter. Once he reached the next tree he dropped again to reload. He turned to watch Both Riker the Blood Drinker and Toric the Novamarine follow suit.

Once the trio had a theme running one up one down and one covering they soon began to gain an upper hand closing in on their attacks. And following them came Captain Tiberius and his team adding to the fray and forcing the attackers to reveal themselves in a desperate attempt to regain the advantage.

“Night Lords.” Tiberius said with a snarl.

The put his combi to the ground and took his powersword in a two handed grip and charged with a feral fury towards the traitor marines. The first Night Lord tried to intercept the raging Blood Angels with a chain sword but made no avail from the block. The jagged powersword sliced clean through the blade and cut deeply into the traitors chest breaking flesh and bone killing the vile warrior. The fury still feeding its way through the Captain he turned to the next target and parried his blade in a downward arc taking the warriors head with simple ease. The third warrior dropped his skull mouth bolter to greet powersword with powersword. Both Astartes engaged in a bloody battle of blades with sparks flying each parrying, defending and stabbing to make that kill before the other.

Riker keeping aim picked off another of the traitors spun and picked out another target. Toric stood mimicking the Sergeants movements.
The deafening sound of bolter fire soon died away once the Deathwatch had slain seven of the aggressive Night Lords leaving Tiberius still locked in sword play.
The Night Lord moved with a speed parrying and blocking each of Tiberius’s feral attacks using a skill the Blood Angel admired. Traitor or not this warrior was a worthy adversary. And for a moment Tiberius thought the damned warrior held the same respect. But nonetheless the warrior was an abomination of everything he believed in. And it was with that Tiberius drew more strength and retracted his jagged blade dropped low and took a swing to the left then the right knocking the blue armoured warrior off balance.

“Just die.” Tiberius grunted.

The Night Lord made eye contact through the yellow slots of his helms visor and smiled from behind his masked helm. And that was his first and last mistake. Tiberius head butted the warrior knocking him back then brought his blade to bare and punched the tip through the traitors chest breaking the chains and ceramite of the Lords armour and cut through the sheet white flesh.
The Night lord winced from the new found pain and realised he’d under estimated the feral ferocity of the Captains aggressive stance. Tiberius removed the blade and took a final swing decapitating the Marine. Once the Lords head rolled from his shoulders a fountain of black blood shower across both and his headless torso dropped to the long grass creating a blanket of blood.
Tiberius dropped to one knee and placed his black gauntleted hand in the blood and took a taste to his mouth.
“Sweet.” He said allowed.

Only Riker understood this ritual.
Tiberius rose back to height and turned to the Deathwatch marines holstering his jagged powersword in the black and gold scabbard at his waist. Holding out his hand he took his bolter/flamer combi back from Soric the Reviler.

“Your rituals are foreign to me Brother Captain. What is it we do now report this confrontation.” He said.

Tiberius looked into the dark skinned warriors eyes meeting his gaze and holding contact for a few seconds before rolling his eyes back to face Riker the Blood Drinker Sergeant.

“Take Kortec and the Thunderhawks and wait there report back to the Inquisitor. He may want to come down himself. But tell him he was right it’s the Night Lords. We’ll advance onto the compound. If we fail you’ll have command Brother.” He ordered.

Riker removed his black helm revealing his short cropped hair and red stained eyes and youthful features.

“As you wish Captain.”

Tiberius turned to Arkio.

“You have point keep your eyes peeled sharp Brother I feel we’ll have more to contend with before this day finds an end.”
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Re: Purgatory’s Shadow: Exodium II

Postby IBBoard at 30 Jun 2008, 17:08

Welcome back :) I'll give the story a read later, when I get a chance.

You might want to check your avatar as well as it seems to be broken ;)
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Re: Purgatory’s Shadow: Exodium II

Postby Hulls Raven at 30 Jun 2008, 17:56

Yeah Its nice to return. I've just been taken away with work and had no time to visit the forums.

Regarding this story I decided to tie up the loose ends left open Exordium. The main difference is the story doesn't involve the Crimson Fists more so the ........ lol have to wait and see. :wink:

I'll have to sort my avatar when I get more time probably tomorrow.

Thanks for the warm welcome. Its always nice to see how the forums are doing.
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Due To Cut Backs The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Will Now Be Switched Off